By ROLI Ltd.

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-12-18
  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 133.42 MB
  • Developer: ROLI Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 3
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NOISE is a free app that makes music mobile, so you can sketch musical ideas anywhere you take your connected device. Using easy-to-learn gestures you’ll create beats, melodies, and songs with a diverse library of sounds — all on the touch screen of your phone or tablet. Extend the musical power of NOISE by pairing it with ROLI BLOCKS devices. A NEW APPROACH TO MAKING MUSIC A glass surface becomes unbelievably musical with NOISE, which lets you make and shape sounds by drumming the screen, gliding your fingers along it, pressing into it, and lifting off. You create music through intuitive gestures on a series of easy-to-navigate interfaces. A HIGH-POWERED MUSICAL SKETCHPAD Not only can you perform music with NOISE. You can also produce. Start by choosing from custom-made sounds that range from to string sections to crunchy hip hop basses. Record basslines and melodies as loops of varying lengths. Mix and match your loops to build amazingly multi-layered songs — all within the app. Then export your project to desktop studio software and refine your musical idea further. 500 SOUNDS — AND GROWING The ever-growing library of NOISE sounds include powerful percussion, sparkly synths, magic flutes, head-banging guitar leads, rousing orchestrals, and stunningly life-like acoustic strings and brass. World-renowned artists like Pharrell, Grimes, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Aoki, and Rudimental have also created customized packs of their signature sounds. 35 sounds are completely free, and hundreds more are available through in-app purchases. ROLI BLOCKS TAKES YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL The power of NOISE expands when you connect to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music-making system. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE becomes the sound engine for the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block controllers. Apply the musical gestures you’ve learned in NOISE to the pressure-responsive silicone surfaces of BLOCKS — and be even more expressive. Watch films and learn more about BLOCKS on Minimum Requirements: • Phone 6 or higher • iPhone SE • iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro • iPod Touch 6th Gen • iOS 9 or higher



  • Overdue fixes to this app are chasing users like me away

    By LewisFilm
    I love Roli hardware and the noise app continues to fall far short of the hardware’s potential. Over the last year I’ve reluctantly bought almost every part of the Roli blocks system... 2x seaboards, 2x lightpad blocks, 3x control blocks, two snapcases, and a fistful of soundpacks. So I’m as loyal a customer as I suspect you’ll find. Users have been asking for some basic changes to Noise for a while, and they never seem to get updated. The biggest issues for the Noise app continue to be: - No ability to transpose notes for the Seaboard Block, or to use the ‘Scale’ function in Noise with the Seaboard Block, it only works with the lightpad. You have to go onto a laptop or desktop and transpose the Seaboard from Dashboard... you can’t even really save multiple modes on the seaboard in different keys... because Noise overrides the seaboard block to default settings as soon as you plug it in. This is a maddening omission. - No sustain pedal lock. You have to hold down the sustain button with one hand and play with the other. The sustain icon in Noise is almost useless, and the same goes for the live block sustain button. - The closed system for so many of the sounds. The SWAM sounds are amazing but end up being pretty useless without the ability to use them with other apps than Noise. - The inability to import a backing track; record loops longer than 8 bars; or edit the recorded midi. The addition of the Garageband plug-in helps, but is missing half of the sounds in the library (and missing more than half of the best quality sounds). - The addition of effects to noise without the ability to lock those in seems crazy. I have to record the loop and then manually push on the pad to keep the reverb going? I’ll conceived. - The team adds features before fixing old issues. This is a bad recipe for long term users. I continue to believe Roli is making something revolutionary.... but the problem isn’t how great the hardware is.... its that its not all that useful with an app that doesn’t even meet the basic requirements of a simple musical sketchpad that draws on their excellent set of virtual instruments. My first review for Noise was 4 stars, a year later it was 3 stars and now I’m struggling to justify that. 4 1/2 stars for hardware alone... 2 stars for the Noise App... so what does that come out to?
  • Insecure and virtually unusable from the moment of Loggon.

    By Athonia C.
    I love the ROLI products, especially the seaboard block, but this app is troubled. It doesn’t allow you to paste your email address nor your password into the login field! What’s worse is that it does not offer a hook to a password manager. Apple has opened up their API, that will allow the password manager software (e.g. dashlane, lastpass, 1password) to fill in all the credentials. when app developers use this approach it causes their users, us, to generate short, insecure and duplicate passwords. End users have come to realize that many app developers fail to offer the tools we need to consistently use cryptographically strong unique password per site. example: What if I use a common set of credentials along with my normal email, which this login interface expects us to do, and the the ROLI databases get compromised? That compromised information makes it into databases owned by cyber criminals and they will take the same credentials and test them against my bank, my Facebook account, Amazon, etc. Please, for the love of God, use the APIs Apple has provided for this since 2015. it is available now. fix this credentialing issue. I can’t use these products until you start to respect your end-users security. aside from this I love the application!. I will return with a five star review if this issue can be resolved. I literally cannot login because I refused to use a cryptographically weak password
  • Sign up problem

    By ScottyBee13
    So I just got the app a few days ago because my teacher showed it to us and suggested we get it. When I got it, it said I could sign up. When I did, for some reason after I clicked the sign up button after having put in all my information, it kept loading and saying my connection timed out. I did it a few more times and got the same thing. Is this a general problem or an I just the only one? Other then that I think the app is good.
  • Please fix issues with Iphone XS max

    By kronoid
    Not able to switch sounds from block and also ui is not aligned with new UI guidelines.
  • Great app to get creativity going except...

    By Bloqmacr
    This app is great. I got a Seaboard block and the sounds I can get out it through this app are incredible. I can even record loops and perform a whole song with it! It’s lacking some key features that would make it a breeze to use: • Filtering/Searching sounds. You get a fair share of free sounds and it’s a nightmare to scroll through every single one to try to find a good bass to go with your track. • Ability to stop a loop mid-playback. It’s really easy to tap the wrong thing. It’s really hard to undo it. • Changing which track is being controlled by which controller should be done from the track as well as the controller. • More options for number of bars per loop and at least 3/4 apart from 4/4. • Play-once trigger option apart from just loops. I understand some of these make development of this app more complex so I wouldn’t mind paying extra for these “pro” features, but then again my Seaboard Block was $300... I hope people are working on some of these! TL;DR: Great app, specially if you have the hardware. It has a lot of potential and room for improvement.
  • Cool sounds but bad otherwise

    By User111121
    Lack of useful features. Deleted.
  • I spoke too soon

    By storeE8
    Hard one to gauge but it’s a big disappointment so far - others have gone in depth and I’ve written a couple evolving reviews myself, but really, the lack of continued updates is the kicker. 4 months now and all the bugs and shortcomings remain. Hopefully, a big one is coming, because I’m addition to most of what others have written, the sounds library is showing it’s age, especially drums. I find myself using the same 2-3 kits and I doubt I could ever eventually release the tracks cause RZA probably owns them (smh). Lack of patch customization and basic features (like Redo!) make this go from anxious fun to suicidal feelings of rage in an instant. I’ve still been playing intermittently with the blocks because they’re amazing hardware, but any truly useful capacity is maddeningly tough or impossible. Even using a digital recorder to record bass lines and horns etc reveal clicks and pops I wouldn’t expect from a much cheaper endeavor. Is it too taxing on an iPad Pro CPU?? My phone doesn’t have as much distortion, but it still does - and it shouldn’t. My only hope now is for an update to solve at least half of the issues everyone is having. Please don’t add a bunch of features no one asked for, just make this thing worthwhile. Cheers! Roli is on to something big, just please do it.
  • Good but

    By Izblessed
    All this app does is ask for it to be reloaded in all my au daws. Love the fact it has good instruments and sounds but almost unusable right now due to it always being asked to reload. And can’t use swap packs is a disappointment in itself for daw use.
  • Hello

    By matt7744
    Hi my name is Matthew Whitaker. I’m visually impaired. I’m wondering if this app works with Voiceover, which is a screen reader built into Apple devices. I use an iPhone and an iPad. I want to be able to use this app like everyone else. Thank you! :-)
  • Waiting to be hacked

    By misterbethel
    The password field to create an account disables paste. Therefore all passwords are user created and therefore vulnerable. This is creating a treasure for a hacker.