Chess Clinic

Chess Clinic

By Tony Walsh

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  • Release Date: 2015-10-20
  • Current Version: 1.0
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Improve your understanding of the Chess game with this collection of over 600 tuitional lessons. Learn strategy secrets,opening and endgames and much more. Lessons include: Chess Strategy- Open vs Closed Games Chess Strategies- Skewers and Pins Chess Strategy- Good vs Bad Bishops Chess Strategy- Outposts Chess Stratagies- Trading Part 1 Chess Strategy- Trading Part 2 Chess Mating Patterns Part 2 Chess Mating Patterns Part 1 Chess Tactics- Windmill Chess Tactics X Ray Chess Tactics Deflection Chess Tactics Decoy Chess Middle Game Tactic Pinning the Knight Chess MIddle Game Strategy Attacking f7 Chess Lesson The most common mistake - Grandmaster Smirnov Mastering Chess Openings Chess Lecture - Attacking a Castled King Chess Openings Fried Liver Attack How to play Chess Beginner Chess Lesson 1 Better Chess Technique for Beginners - Part 1 Chess Lesson Alekhine Defence Chess Traps 1 Ruy Lopez Mortimer Trap Chess Traps Queen Amidala Trap Chess Openings- Scotch Game Mastering the Middle Game Mastering the End Game Chess Elements of Evaluation and Planning Chess Position Practice 2 Candidate Moves Improve your chess with the 20 minutes exercise win easilymp4 Chess Video Lesson by GM Igor Smirnov Chess Endgame Study The Lucena Position A great opening for beating sub-2000 players One of the best chess openingsThe Yugoslav Attack Fried Liver Attack-brilliant combination Most sadistic mate in history Chess openings - Aggressive Play - chess tactics and strategy Chess Traps 3 Kings Gambit Declined Trap Chess Traps 4 Queens Gambit Declined Elephant Trap Chess Endgame Two Bishop Checkmate Chess Endgame Queen King vs Rook King Philidor Chess Traps- Legal Trap Chess Traps Halosar Trap Chess Traps Magnus Smith Trap Sicilian Defense Chess Middle Game Tactic Bishop Sacrifice Chess Trap Blackburne Schilling Trap Win Easily - Part 1 by GM Igor Smirnov Silman Thinking Technique 1 Chess Traps Bobby Fischer Trap Game of the Century - Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne What Separates Stronger Chess Players Pt 1 Lesson-1 Finding the Best Moves Quickly Middlegame training day 1 Middlegame Tactics Explained Part 1 Shocking Grandmaster Checkmate in 12 moves Zukertort vs Anderssen Win Easily - Part 2 by GM Igor Smirnov Chess Openings for Black Owens Opening with GM Igor Smirnov 1 e4 b6 Chess Strategy How to Attack on an Open e-file Chess Strategy How to Win Material Chess Strategy How to Finish the Attack Improving the Pieces Famous Chess Game Fischer vs Panno Famous Chess Game Kasparov vs Topalov 1999 Kasparovs Immortal Deep Blue vs Kasparov 1996 Game 1 Chess Strategy How to Evaluate Positions - Part 1 How to Analyze Your Own Games Chess Openings How to Play the Nimzo-Indian Defense Chess Openings- Halloween Gambit Breaking stereotypes Part - 2 by GM Igor Smirnov Smirnov gambit Part - 1 by GM Igor Smirnov Professional Opening preparation by GM Igor Smirnov Gems From Anand - Gelfand WC Match Chess Openings How to Play the Scotch Game Greatest Chess Players Alexander Alekhine - Part 1 Chess Strategy Counter Attack Chess Tactics Back Rank Checkmate Chess Traps- Birds Eye View and many many more



  • Waste of money Useless app

    By Rebaz Salahuddin
    simply it is a bunch of youtube links .