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Lipsi is more than just an anonymous app. It's a platform that attracts the boldest who want to step out of their comfort zone. Meet new people in class, on campus, in a café... you name it. Lipsi has proven to be an indispensable tool for many of the youngest generation yet. - Search people in the Lipsi database - Erase chat history between any two devices - Block any user at any time Honest thoughts. Real feedback. Always in control.



  • My thought

    By gogooohull
    I love this app because if I feel like I need to say something like tell someone I like them or I can tell them how I feel about them and if I’m to scared to tell them whom I am it is a secret or if I’m the user I can live the excitement of messages that come from who no were or who they are but somethings I dis like is that people can bully and no one will know who they are but I feel a 50 50 on this because that is the main thing about this app it’s to get anonymous messages so I want to thank the people who mad this
  • Messages

    By KNTVolleyball4
    It always deletes my messages
  • Wont send email

    By Kkbadgirl
    Sooo. It says i need to verify my email but its not sending the email. Ive tried twice with two different email accts. But its not working
  • App

    By Jack Robinsion
    Great App
  • Problems?

    By Max Quevedo
    Had the app for a couple months. Had checked it last night and everything was fine but when I got on in the morning it wouldn’t show any messages and I deleted the app and redownloaded it and now it won’t let me log in??? Help
  • Doesn’t work

    By jchilds92002
    At first I struggled too make an account because it wouldn’t work but once I made one it won’t allow me to connect it to my social media accounts
  • Issues

    By usar 53
    Honestly I loved the app but now when I’m trying to sign back In all it does is load. It’s been loading for at least 30 minutes now and I’ve double checked my password and I’m right. All I’m waiting for is it to sign in but all I can do is wait.
  • Very good!

    By jcbeishziakzbzknd
    I like this app because I get funny messages that me and my friends can go back and joke about later on.
  • can’t even make an account

    By graceb1811
    i’ve used all 3 email addresses and none of the verification emails actually sent. i can’t even make an account. and the app keeps freezing.
  • It won’t let me download

    By software malfunction
    I keep trying and it’s not letting me I keep keep trying I have downloaded it before but deleted to clear storage space but now trying to reload and it won’t let me