Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

By Quidd Inc

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-05-02
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 159.06 MB
  • Developer: Quidd Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 9,868 Ratings


Collect, trade and show off officially licensed, limited edition stickers, GIFs, trading cards and 3D figures of your favorite characters, including from fandoms like Rick & Morty™, Game of Thrones®, MARVEL®, Transformers™, My Little Pony™, Bob's Burgers™, Star Trek™, Breaking Bad, and Michael Jackson (see more below). Don’t forget to: - Drag and drop your stickers in iMessage and use them anywhere you use your keyboard! - Open mystery boxes containing Hasbro Toys, Funko Pop! figures and Kidrobot digital minis! - Come back everyday to get new content for free! With over 1 AND A HALF BILLION limited edition digital items sold to-date, there is no better time than now to join Quidd and start building your collection. ********** Here’s what you can do: - Use your free coins to purchase limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures. - Meet hundreds of thousands of super-fans and geek out with people that love the same stuff you do! - Chat and trade with your new friends in real-time. Adjust the terms of a trade and watch as the most coveted items land in your pocket. - Complete over 2,000 sets like a boss. We’ve got base sets, chase sets and more with dynamic, up-to-date checklists. Once you complete a set, check out your ranking. To rank high on the leaderboard, be among the first to complete a set or build a valuable set with the lowest print numbers by trading up. - Build a one-of-kind collection that only you own and show it off to your friends. Create and share showcases that show off your creativity and your collection. Quidd is about you and the characters you love. Start your collection today! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com/quidd or @quidd. And note: the Quidd Keyboard will never track your keystrokes. ********** Full List of Fandoms on Quidd (regional restrictions may apply): Adventure Time Archer Arrested Development Bob’s Burgers Bravest Warriors Breaking Bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer Care Bears Clarence Comic Book Men Courage the Cowardly Dog Cow and Chicken Cuphead Dawson’s Creek DC Comics Dexter’s Laboratory Dishonored 2 DOOM Dr. Seuss Ed, Edd n Eddy The Elder Scrolls Elvis Presley EMPIRE Fallout 4 Family Guy Firefly Five Nights at Freddy’s Fraggle Rock Fruit Ninja Funko Game of Thrones Garfield Ghostbusters God of War Golden Girls Hellboy Hello Neighbor Johnny Bravo La La Land MARVEL Michael Jackson Monopoly Muhammad Ali My Little Pony Ni No Kuni II Outlander Powerpuff Girls Power Rangers Quake Regular Show Rick and Morty Sanrio Scream Queens Sonic The Hedgehog Star Trek Steven Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Amazing World of Gumball Skyrim The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The Tick The X-Files Transformers Twin Peaks Uncle Grandpa Valiant Comics ********** 
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  • Gets worse every update

    By Kcorn4545
    They keep adding features we don’t want and won’t fix simple issues such as loading time and crashes. Set releases only happen on a select few channels and the prices keep getting higher and higher, forcing you to pay to play
  • So so

    By captainbrantastic
    The fandoms and collecting is cool but the app runs slow and force closes a lot. It is also trending towards "pay for play" with new sets released so often that casual members can't really complete sets without just outright buying a "100% guaranteed set". Lots of rehashed stickers and card ideas. Quidd is just commercialism with extra steps; a bit disappointing.
  • Amazing!!!

    By The Duncan & Milo Show
    So I started like a month ago and even though I was lost a times the people on Quidd has helped me lots! I love Quidd and have fun on it,I also want to give you two things that I personally want. 1-More Items. When I say this I mean more fandoms (For Example...Undertale and Stranger Things...stuff like that) 2-Showcases. When I first started Quidd I had the ability to make showcases. Couple of days later it was replaced by Shelfies. Now I’m not saying I don’t like the shelfies I actually really enjoy them! But it would be cool if you had the Shelfies and Showcases to choose from, just saying. Other than that I really enjoy Quidd! I hope my review really helps other people get into Quidd!
  • Unlike y’all

    By Livin. Life.
    I know a lot of people don’t like this app but I do. I enjoy seeing mr beast stickers or Safiya stickers and I like relating to other people. I just wish there was more spac won the shelves
  • Real Money?

    By Taco Ben
    Why do you make all the ones I want real money?
  • :()

    By 10/10 demon maker
    This video is sponsored by Quidd
  • Add More Themes

    By The Beat Photo Vault ever
    Quidd is a great and solid app however I wish the developers would add more themes to the add such as category’s like rap, anime, and a variety of other gaming licenses, for Example: For rap artists like Lil Pump, Migos, XXXtentacion, Cardi B, Drake, etc, Gaming: Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Fortnite, etc. Collecting in Quidd is fun, opening packs from different brands and licenses is great but add more, I’ll also consider that acquiring certain licenses isn’t as easy as it sounds, but at least every once in a while implement a bit more into the app. Quidd takes Apple Stickers and turns it into something unique and entertaining, not all at once but add more into to the app as time and future development within the app continues Please
  • Great game but - Verification problem

    By JCash77
    I like it but The problem is that I am not connected to Facebook and when I send it to my gmail on my phone and I try to click it but it didn’t do anything can someone help me my profile is JCash17
  • Fun awesome and cool but maybe

    By Prime jsb
    You could do two things 1 make it a computer website that way the system won’t crash anymore and 2 you should allow people to view all of their cards and stuff mostly because you can’t view your stuff and that is bad I guess But besides that great job people that did this
  • Would barely give it one star

    By Eggy_Eggs
    The concept of Quidd is a great idea but I feel as though my experiences on Quidd aren’t en-joyful as I’d liked. First of all some of the items cost way too much. Like 3000 coins for once pouch that isn’t even a guarantee pouch? Why do you have to make it so expensive? I understand they have make money and want people to buy their coins but can’t they lower the process to be more affordable. Also it seems I can’t use the stickers on other apps like Discord and Instagram. My second problem with Quidd are the coins. Now, this is from personal experiences. So it’s was pretty late and I had around 107,000 Quidd coins, the best day I wake up at around 5:30 AM and find my balance is around 44,000. I did not spend any coins and 106,000 was missing from my balance. I have no idea where the coins went all I know is that I fell asleep with 107,000 and woke up with 44,000. This isn’t the first time, I have checked my balance the next and found that some of my coins were missing. But, the amount was smaller, so I though I might have been mistaken. And just this afternoon, I went off Quidd to watch Youtube and eat lunch. My balance was around 44,000 and now my balance is 40,153. During the time frame I did not buy anything, I wasn’t even on the app! I don’t know why my coins are gone all I know is that they aren’t their. Look here it’s enough that Quidd overpriced their figures, some of their cards, and sticker. I can deal with that and I probably wouldn’t write this review but can they please explain to be why my coins are missing? And to make thing clear I am never buying anything from Quidd with my actual money because the reason I got Quidd was because I thought it’d be a fun free hobby. So I do not intend on spending any real money. I feel like Quidd is pushing this too hard, too the point where the user experience isn’t as enjoyable as it was imagined. At this point I would consider deleting the app and never using it again. The only reason why I still have Quidd is because I consider fun to collect things without having to spend real money. I barely even go on Quidd now. I visit the app every 3 hours or so to collect 4,000 coins, in hopes of saving up for more items. If you are considering downloading the app, consider it is very frustrating to deal with the pricing and technical difficulties. Edit: With the new update the app it way more laggy and crashes often. Showcases are gone and they replaced them with something called shelfies. I personally think shelfies are horrible but you can try if you want. Just remember it’s super laggy now and they barely listen to the users when they voice their complaints. I mean I think they are trying to fix the lag, but it isn’t getting any better. A lot of older users have quit because of this and prices on items are way more expensive. For example, the new Shan Dawson Holo cards were 12,000 each pack and each pack had only one card. I wouldn’t be as bothered by the pricing if you got more that 4,000 every 3 hours. Also, Quidd seems to be demanding more money. By that I mean they bluntly list price of certain items in the shop section (which did not happen before). Not to mention the recent Steven Universe Protos which you could buy for around $50. I’m sorry but asking maybe 1-2 dollars for a virtual item that will not benfit the users in any way, is okay. But, $50, are they trying to make their user broke? Unless buying a Proto for $50 will somehow benefit me in my real life, I’m not spending a single penny on Quidd.