AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

By ShenZhen Lenze Technology Co,.Ltd.

Score: 3
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AR Gun is a game that uses the enhanced reality technology to blend the game world with the real world. The virtual objects in the game and the real world real world are superimposed on the same space in real time. You bring an extraordinary AR experience.



  • This game has problems

    By fun!!!!!😁😃
    When I played the gun didn’t shoot it never worked and most of the games I couldn’t see it and never shot I hope people fix this I don’t get why it does not work
  • Joystick

    By Twio
    Does not let me move with the joystick so I’m stuck in one place the whole time maybe it’s because of the games or because it doesn’t work well with the iPhone X.
  • Unable to download

    By Lmiller8912
    Bruh no wonder where I bought my gun was on clearance for 3 dollars the app won't even download what the heck
  • I recently brought my AR gun

    By Rezaul
    I was casually walking through a store until I notice a gun in the sports area , I saw the AR gun for about 18 cad and thought ,” why not “ I started playing it when I got home , it was great .. But the sniper games in the app has some few major bugs .. The other games are OK , the quality and graphic of the games are 2/10 .. but they function . I rate this 8/10 or 4/5 Because this gun is affordable and the game is enjoyable but has poor graphics issues ..
  • Sniper Bugs

    By Anonymous1505
    Ok so I just got the game and it’s pretty fun atleast some of the games I’ve actually acknowledged and played but anyway the profile on the AppStore says that there is a new sniper experience but there is no instructions to actually use the scope and then if you accidentally use it it doesn’t let you fire and you have to disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth to get it to work but as long as they fix the bugs for the sniper games I think his could be a more enjoyable game
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone

    By Echonightsi
    Works with everyone’s android. No iPhone support. Waste of money
  • Awful

    By Neoforgen
    Would not recommend
  • Not as expected

    By Fdhjfdshjnvcxgh
    This has the chance to be very fun but the games are buggy and not worth the gun no matter how cool it looks. The only thing the Developers could do to fix this is to get rid of all the pointless games and focus on four like the zombie game fish game soldier game and the spacecraft game (that’s my favorite) if they do thisthey might have a chance of making this game pretty fun and enjoyable hopefully they see this and improve the game😉
  • Headache

    By Marlow 1223
    How long it takes to download? It says connect to WiFi, I did but it still downloading very very very slow!
  • Fun games

    By butterflycorpse
    The games are good, looking forward to future updates and bug fixes!