AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

AR Gun - AR Gun Game Library

By ShenZhen Lenze Technology Co,.Ltd.

Score: 3.5
From 126 Ratings


AR Gun is a game that uses the enhanced reality technology to blend the game world with the real world. The virtual objects in the game and the real world real world are superimposed on the same space in real time. You bring an extraordinary AR experience.



  • Buggy

    By NorthMI
    The games that work are pretty good. However many are buggy. Some games load but the joy stick doesnt move. Other games open and just dont do anything. Another game(tank), went on forever even after my tank was blasted and on fire and wouldnt move. A couple games worked but was no scoring. Only paid $8 for the Gun, but all but 2-3 of the games actually work.
  • Won’t connect

    By Kre£
    My phone won’t connect and I have an iPhone 8 and my nephew who I got it for his is a google the k20 and his won’t connect either
  • The game

    By HBNative
    I love the app also I got a gun and it was cheap and it is like vr in real life with running and breaking stuff also it was cheap and I loved it!
  • Doesn’t work

    By batkid0113
    No matter how hard we try to connect to the app it doesn’t work. It worked once and hasn’t worked a single time since mom. So ridiculous!
  • Can’t shoot

    By ruderh20
    So I launch the game and none of the games let shoot PLEAS FIX, I had to uninstall the game don’t get
  • Great Game that could be better.

    By The Shocktubet
    I just got this for Christmas and I love it. It’s very stable and the graphics on some of the games are very good. I just think that the game should have more modes. Oh and in the tank game, reloading takes forever sometimes and I usually die because of it. My kill record for the tank games is 27 and I played for 5 mins.
  • What

    By Cableeeeerrrrrr
    The Gun I received wasn’t working when I got it. My father didn’t keep the receipt, I was wondering if I could get another one.
  • Fun but...

    By epicness696969
    The games are funand all but the app itself is poorly done.
  • Bluetooth won’t link

    By mothero4
    Bluetooth won’t sync with IPhone. Other users are having the same issue.
  • Won’t pair

    By bobbyjeff5
    In apple settings the gun itself is connected but it won’t pair to game