Royal Chaos

Royal Chaos

By Wish Interactive Technology Limited

Score: 4.5
From 6,359 Ratings


Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance 【Description】 Royal Chaos is a card-based adventure game that brings you an immersive take on the Chinese ancient palace carved by romance. Being thrust into the dramatic but struggling chaos as a noble lady, will you grin and bear the destiny? Or write your own story – adorned with beautiful fashion, romantic encounters, and the surrenders of your enemies! 【Feature】 Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance The Greatest Royal Experience of ALL. Immerse In 3D Storylines Embrace your character's choices and pursue a happy ending! Collect Dazzling Costumes Conquer with your beauty. Various outfits to build your own stylish palace fashion and stand out in beauty contest. Let your wardrobe be your weapon. Compose Your Love Diary Battle in an arduous royal war or become immersed in a romantic love affair. Summon historical figures to your aid in fierce turn-based combat. Own Designated Perfect Lover Chat with other players, take a stroll through beautiful courtyards, or enjoy a private candlelit dinner! COMMUNITY Official Website : Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Fandom: Reddit: Discord: SUPPORT:



  • Addicting

    By raychizzlle
    I love this game because it reminds me of my days playing World of Warcraft but without the heavy time commitment. It’s fun, interactive, and part of my morning routine now!
  • Royal Chios

    By hypenimous
    This is a really nice game it can be addictive if you’re into these types of games. I’m really enjoying the game and it’s storyline.
  • Royal Chaos

    By Pandah Royal
    This game is very unique and highly addicting and very interesting. Ive never experienced another game like this.
  • Love this Game

    By Kfkdo doc
    I really love this game and the administrators is good at responding back to my problems. It a bit expensive, but to me personally I think it worth it. The clothing in the game is so beautiful and I hope we have many more beautiful outfits in the future.
  • Stick with it

    By acadiashores76
    This game is a bit confusing at first. Just stick with it and join the official Facebook group. You will learn everything you need to know there. The game is very addictive and there is ALWAYS something to do and accomplish in the game so you never get bored. The community on my server is just awesome too.
  • Great game

    By Trb0
    It is a little confusing at first but fun and addicting. Great game of strategy.
  • This is the best

    By narseal24
    What I enjoy about the the game is all over it it super fun and addicting!!!!
  • Strategies

    By Thuytien160889
    Although the game’s ads are pretty weird, this game is actually kinda fun! The game is all about strategies and understand your heroes. The nature of office makes the game competitive and you must always fight lol. But overall, it is interesting when this game proves that might is just a number, and you can beat people with higher level if you are smart enough😂
  • Great community

    By Luck 17
    This game was really confusing at first, basically a figure it out as you go kind of thing. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first, but I really love the people in my server. The story is relatively interesting, the costumes are pretty, and it’s easy enough once you figure out the basics. My main complaint is all the real money only purchases, but I understand why they are there. If I bought them, I could also complain about the cost, but I don’t so I won’t. Also, there are a lot of daily tasks, so it can take up a lot of time. It also takes up a lot of space on your phone, which is a bummer. All in all, though, the game is fun to play.
  • Love it!

    By Tdb1974
    I'm enjoying this game way more than I thought I would! There's so much to do that you're never bored!