MyHome App | تطبيق ماي هوم

MyHome App | تطبيق ماي هوم

By Wabash Web Development Co W.L.L. - Kuwait

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MyHome is a fast and reliable solution for your home maintenance needs. Tell us what you need, where and when you need it, and we’ll connect you with the right professional. A toilet clog or a broken air conditioner tends to happen at the worst time possible, but this is where we come in. MyHome makes it incredibly easy to find the right person for your home maintenance needs, be it for routine maintenance or for a home emergency. Here’s how it works: - Select a category and let us know when you’d like the professional to come over - Specify the problem from our list of issues, or simply request an assessment if you’re not sure what the problem is - You can choose to add additional details and pictures of the problem to let the professional know what he’s dealing with beforehand - Pay for the job in hand right from your phone and get it over with, or opt to pay with cash once the professional is on-site - Track the progress of your job on the status screen, and rate your service provided to help us maintain quality service Need help using MyHome? E-mail us at or visit us at يوفر تطبيق ماي هوم خدمة الصيانة المنزلية بكافة أشكالها وإصلاح كافة أعطال الكهرباء والستالايت، والأعمال الصحية، وأعطال التكييف بالإضافة إلى توفير خدمة التنظيف للمنازل. يساعدك ماي هوم على إيجاد الفني المناسب لتلبية احتياجاتك من الصيانة المنزلية، كل ما عليك فقط هو إبلاغنا بالمشكلة عن طريق التطبيق ومتى وأين تحتـاج الصيانة ودع التطبيق يقوم بالباقي! طريقة عمل ماي هوم: حدد الفئة وأخبرنا متى تريد أن يصلك الفني. حدد العطل من قائمة المشاكل المقترحة إن أمكن أو أطلب معاينة في حال لم تكن متأكداً من المشكلة ويمكنك اختيار إضافة ملاحظات لتوضيح المشكلة مع تزويدنا بصور للسماح للفني بمعرفة ما سيتعامل معه مسبقاً ادفع قيمة تكلفة الأعمال المطلوبة مباشرة من هاتفك عن طريق الكي نت/الفيزا أو اختر الدفع نقداً بمجرد أن يتم ربطك بأحـد الفنيين المتاحين ستكون قادراً على متابعة سير أعمالك عن طريق التطبيق خطوة بخطوة منذ بدايتها وحتى الإنتهاء منها بنجاح، ومن ثم تقييم الفني لمساعدتنا في الحفاظ على جودة الخدمة في حال احتجت إلى مساعدة في استخدام ماي هوم، فقط أرسل لنا على بريدنا الإلكتروني أو قم بزيارتنا على موقعنا



  • Worst service and a big scam

    By Q8Don
    The review on this app is no where true ! Used this app today for the first time. The job that I have posted and paid for it in advance was never been assigned until I called and complain to the provided support number. After the job has been picked by the handyman, he called me to discuss the service that I have already paid for it and explained in detail in job request!! He asked for more information and pictures to be sent to him and trying to ask for extra money to do the job and when I refuse that he tried to postpone the job for another day to be picked up by another guy !! The app support guy did not help and eventually I agreed on postponing the job until the next day. Surprisingly the support guy called me back after few minutes and stated that the items that the handyman will bring with him is not included !! And I should pay more than double the amount of the job itself ! I have cancelled the job and hopefully my money will be back to my bank account in few days. WORST APP EVER TRIED !!
  • Very helpful and convenient

    By Noura Al Khaled
    The app is amazing! They were on time and updated me on each step. The technician was very helpful and polite. Highly recommended!
  • Great application

    By mamaoud2
    They came on time, they were very efficient, job done well. I am so pleased with the service they provided, and the app is very straight forward.
  • Making home maintenance convenient!

    By Faye Al-Tukhaim
    Excellent app! User friendly and easy to use. Thanks for making it easy for consumers to maintain their homes!
  • Amazing app

    By ililly06
    This app is great ! It makes life so much easier!! I have used it twice so far, and everything went very smooth. Very straight forward app, and ultra convenient! Thank you for creating this and making our lives so much easier.
  • Truly handy App

    By A.Aziz R H
    This app is a live saver. Hope it continues to evolve and include all types of vendors soon.