Ark Survival escape Dino Hunt

Ark Survival escape Dino Hunt

By Syed Haider

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 149.90 MB
  • Developer: Syed Haider
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 1.5
From 12 Ratings


A school boy survival game having fun of forest survival games and make an ark of war. A schoolboy missed his school bus in the land of odds and here he has to survive. The boy was walking along the muddy road behind the school, thirst level increasing, and hunger pain experiencing odds. The boy finally decided to take a lift for reaching near home side in this schoolboy survival game. The boy saw a car coming behind and tried to stop it by giving a hand. The mishap took place and the car hits the boy by sudden brake failure and the boy got injured. Scared car driver tried to save the boy and take him in the car. After a few miles, driver rushing for some emergency and decided to throw the boy fainted boy somewhere in the jungle or roadside and left her. Now school Boy struggle has to start under these horrible trees.Tropical island games features with bundle of interest. Now you evolve yourself and play as this schoolboy and learn some survival skills. With thirst and hunger, you will feel lonely. You have to find some equipment like an ark of war, axe weapon and become axe warrior. Get first your health back, find water, get your thirst level filled, find some pills and get back on track. Get yourself back with a new revolution, get your ark survival evolved mode on by finding the axes and ark to fight with the jungle animals.Dinosaur killing is your profession this scary island. Become dinosaur hunteror dinosaur killer as dinosaurs are your biggest challenge to survive. You are the only human being and you can last only if you have all those skills for the survival in this ark evolved survival game. Raft survival may occur to collect your raft and survive. Enter the arena of jungle survival games. The jungle has a collection of tamed dinosaurs. A vast collection of unique dinosaurs increase your interest. Mystery island games are full of interest to you. Raft survival may occur to collect your raft and survive. Primal legend never feels lonely and is always an iron man and brave fighter. Fight against good dinosaurs, kill them and survive to get home. Become crazy safari and clean land with dino hunt. Island,s lake having crocodiles with you have to fight with your weapons. Explore the jungle survival game. The jungle is full of animals planet having lions, dinosaurs, Tiger and other animals. After some plant vs zombies fight of hunger in forest and recovery from injury, you have a hope to survive and become king of jungle. Deep forest full of hunger is in need of you to kill. You have eat to live dangerous animals with your axe and skills. School Boy survival Game features: A realistic sound effect of jungle adventure. Collection of animals and dinosaurs free to kill. The amazing 3D jungle environment. Island survival games. Interesting weapons to fight with. A complete fun like battle games. Survival island games. Crazy sounds of silence and graphics effects. Completely gentle survival experience. Challenging island and forest. The amazing fun of Jurassic survival.



  • FYI this is a copy of ark

    By Unikitty06
    Wow. *slow claps* you thought you could copy one of the best games ever created? Well you took a major L if you thought that! lol idiots. Btw I just can’t stop laughing at this failed attempt to beat ARK:SURVIVAL EVOLVED.😂 and btw jajwn, this is a rip-off of ark
  • The fake comment is so real lol

    By Dinhlsems
    The one with five stars is FAKE try the real ark this is not the REAL ark
  • I’m so glad I got this fun game

    By Jajwnhwjwbbe
    Omg you have to try this game !!! It’s super fun and unique because you have to go and adventure and craft a pic axe and axe and hunt then make a really big ark of war. I can’t thank you enough on this game. Btw I am really sorry that dumb game, ark survival evolved had to copy your super realistic ark of war game. I recommend you get this game 😁 omg pls try this game it is so dang fun, I remember taming a freaking T. rex I was the king and I was on multiplayer and I remember that one guy named supercap486 on multiplayer he helped me become the king of the server. Don’t ever get ark survival evolved because it is a scam and the game is super bad ugly and cheap additions and the6 make yo7 pay for everything. Omg you are so dumb to get that game. Pls get this game omg omg best game ever
  • Ripoff

    By odeepblue
    I thought it would be like ark survival evolved it is a total rip-off I
  • Words cannot describe how bad this game is

    By 4523899&6💩
    You can’t even play, just keeps replaying some dumb story