Mininigma: Enigma Simulator

Mininigma: Enigma Simulator

By Horacio Jimenez

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2009-10-15
  • Current Version: 4.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 62.59 MB
  • Developer: Horacio Jimenez
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 90 Ratings


Mininigma is a complete simulator of an Enigma Machine for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. As of version 4.0, Mininigma also includes a Custom Keyboard Extension (iOS 8.0 and newer), to use it from any app on your device, for instance, sending a mail, messaging, etc. Basically, Enigma was a cipher machine used by the Germans during World War II for the encryption and decryption of secret messages. It looked like an old typewriter with some extra features. Being fully compatible with the real Enigma means you can also use Mininigma to decode any of the original messages which can be found on Internet. You can also generate a machine configuration based on a keyword or keyphrase. That means you'll only have to share that keyword to send a message!! Mininigma can accurately simulate different types of machines: The Enigma I, M3 and M4, Railway, G-312, or Swiss-K, with some others coming in the future. You can read more about these, as always, on the Wikipedia :) You can actually select between the different machine types and setup them as you would with a real one: choose rotors, configure them, or use a plugboard to switch letters. All at the tip of your finger. Mininigma supports Copy/Paste to allow you to interact with any other application on your device. You can even copy/paste machine configurations in an encryptable string!!



  • Relevant!

    By r9m5f7
    This app is more than just fun. It helps with the understanding of codes, cyphers and cryptography especially in today’s world of trolls and bots. Brilliant machine and brilliant app.
  • More models weeks be cool

    By Josefius
    Would be awesome to have the other models available that were made during the war.
  • Puts a piece of history in your hands

    By Dent De Leon
    ★3-27-17 Nice update, with the Backspace reset function.★ An Enigma wrapped in an app inside an iPhone. Outstanding use of the iPhone's technology to explain this technology from World War II. The artwork, use of sound and animation are excellent. The Bézier curves of the plug cords are an elegant touch. I was particularly happy to see the infamous 4-rotor variant of the machine. I searched the App Store for an Enigma simulator and this does not disappoint. Excellent workmanship.
  • Great app

    By Enigmafanatic
    A real enigma machine cost $300,000 + and I paid $1.99 to turn my phone into one highly recommend it!

    By DeliSandwich99
    Wow, a lot of features in this app. The keyboard is especially responsive and the key word generator is really cool! There is every enigma model, and every rotor. The main thing is that there is no A reflector like on other enigma apps but I don't care about that. This is better than other enigma apps because it has a BACKSPACE! And to the devs, use keyword: Enigma BJRA QYMV AIWS LSAQ NJDS DE
  • Awesome app. Fun, educational, and can be used for text messages keyboard

    By Hank Caver
    This is the app to have if your an Enigma fan or want to learn more about the German code machine that was used in World War II. This is the machine that was the subject of the movie "The Imitation Game". You can change the initial settings and type into the machine and get the coded message. You can also add the Enigma keyboard to your text messages and type code directly into a text message.
  • Excellent Enigma Simulator!

    By WildDaveG
    The app was great before and it just keeps getting better. The latest version includes a custom keyboard that increases the realism. The developer really cares about the quality of his app.
  • Just like the original Enigma

    By Mozart1080
    This is a great app, it works just like the original Enigma that the Germans used in WW2. This also means it still has its weakness. A letter could never be itself; if this was fixed, I would give this 5 stars. This is a great app, works great. You can set it up they way u want on the rotors or the plugboard and get the Trillions different possibilities this machine has. If you are into code or ciphers, you should get this, and hopefully the developer will update to fix the weakness. P.S. Also it could be nice to have numbers in their also.
  • Best Enigma Simulator Out There!

    By Smoothe_1
    This is an amazing Enigma machine simulator. The developer has decided to create as realistic a simulator as possible and he hits a home run with the result! I have fun encoding messages and also teaching my kids about codes and ciphers. They also get a history lesson too! One of the best parts is that the dev keeps the app up-to-date and is very responsive to comments. Great job on creating this wonderful app!
  • Spaces

    By Tiny ice (real)
    I wish there was the ability to have spaces, but I guess it would be less realistic.