By Hipstamatic, LLC

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2009-12-10
  • Current Version: 351
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.30 MB
  • Developer: Hipstamatic, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Hipstamatic is a world-class photography app and Apple’s original App of the Year! Shoot beautiful authentic photography and become part of the world’s most creative community, exclusively on iPhone. • Apple’s very first App of the Year • The original photo filter app • The inventor of square filtered mobile photos • Plus, all of the features below :-) — CLASSIC CAMERA Digital photography has never looked so analog. Shooting Classic provides beautifully rendered skeuomorphic cameras that transform your experience as you swipe through lenses, flashes, and films. ■ Use Multiple Exposure to shoot multiple images in one shot and get amazing artistic results ■ — PRO CAMERA For the mobile photographer looking for a minimal capture interface with maximum control, shooting Pro gives you ultimate creative control. ■ Manually control focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and aspect ratio ■ — DARKROOM EDITING SUITE A full editing suite including over 20 professional adjustment tools and 12 signature presets. • Classic Lens, Film, and Flash • Crop • Straighten & Rotate • Skew • Exposure • Clarity • Definition • Exposure • Clarity • Definition • Highlights • Shadows • Vibrancy • Fade • Curves (RGB + Red + Green + Blue) • Temperature • Tint • Depth of field • Texture • Grain • Vignette • Before & After view by holding down image in edit view • Undo & Redo by swiping left and right ■ Choose the overall mood of your image with Hipstamatic's signature Lenses, Films, and Flashes, then fine tune with extensive editing tools ■ — FAVORITE PRESETS Create your own Favorite Presets and even share your signature look with others. If you are looking for inspiration hit the shuffle button and explore a world of serendipitous beauty. • 12 World-class presets • Customize and edit presets • Save new presets • Presets are synchronized across your devices with iCloud • Share any favorite preset with other photographers ■ Define your signature looks, then quickly apply them to your photos with Copy/Paste support ■ — NATIVE WORKFLOW Hipstamatic is fully synchronized with your photo library. Tap on any photo to instantly edit it, and see and organize your photos in either Hipstamatic or Apple Photos. • Runs natively on iPhone and iPad • No need to import, just tap and edit • Quickly Favorite or Delete photos • Always full resolution • Save as Separate Files (default) and keep your originals untouched • Save as non-destructive Versions and streamline your photos with the original safely embedded within the Hipstamatic version (works best with iCloud Photo Library) • Browse folders created in the Photos app • Fully synchronized with Photos app and iCloud Photo Library • View detailed metadata • View shared image details across social networks (likes, comments, etc.) • Capture and edit in RAW format ■ Shoot on iPhone and edit on iPad with fully native support and synchronized Favorite Presets via iCloud ■ — HipstaMart™ Shop Browse amazing filter packs available for purchase via the In-App store created by the world’s most talented photo makers. Collaborations from top fashion and street photographers to famous artists like Salvador Dali with new packs available monthly. PrintLab™ Get real physical prints delivered straight to your door. We built this service in 2010 because no service would print square photos, and today PrintLab is still the best square format printing service in the world. Shipping to over 200 countries! • Print Prints (4”, 7”, 10”) • 30” Gallery Prints • Aluminum Prints (10” or 20”) • Birch Wood Prints (10” or 20”) — LET'S MAKE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS TOGETHER Help us make Hipstamatic the best app ever. Send your thoughts & comments to feedback@hipstamatic.com or message us anywhere @Hipstamatic Thanks and welcome to the HipstaFamily!



  • Bye bye Hipstamatic, you’ll be missed...

    By Paper Master
    This sad day has been many years in the making, but I finally had to remove my beloved Hipstamatic from my iPhone. I have been a Hipsta devotee since day one, so much so it’s the only reason I’m still on an iPhone. It has been my singular stylized iPhone shooting and editing app since the first time I used it, and I suffered through all the issues over the years (they never really conquered iCloud syncing of edits, did they?). But since approx v3 it’s just become so unstable to a point that it was ruining shoots. The issues started about a year ago, when Hipsta started killing my battery routinely taking my phone from 30% to a hard dead in seconds. On one shoot on the Highline in NYC Hipsta killed the phone so badly I had to take into an Apple store to get it restarted. Now with the latest version it’s completely dead, crashing on every start, displaying the lens on the case off-center, quitting but still running in the background, and still with the battery issues. It’s a sad day indeed, but if you can’t rely on your photo software then it’s time for the software to go. It was a good run, old friend...😢
  • Full of slowness and crashes

    By Alexander J. Hovanec
    I’ve fallen in love with the app the second I downloaded it. A few days later and I’m experiencing crash after crash after crash. I take one or two pictures using whatever lens or film and all of the sudden the camera glitches around. I point the camera at Tree 1 and then at Tree 2 — 7 seconds later by the time it’s pointed at Tree 2, the glitching camera hasn’t processed the movement yet and still displays Tree 1, then finally slowly and glitchily shows blurred images where the camera should be pointing (the blurred images being the camera moving from 1 to 2) and 10 seconds later after a 1 second camera reposition, I’ve finally got Tree 2 on the screen... if I wanna take photos of people this’ll be a real hassle. I’ll point the camera at Person 1 take there picture and then amongst the severe glitching and processing and blurs it’ll take thirty seconds to position for Person 2 and take their picture... picture 2 is taken but person 3 won’t be photographed until 1.5 minutes after the camera finally stops glitching and blurring for whatever reason. The app is slow and freezes and completely crashes more than not. Heck it even causes my entire phone to run slow. Again I’ve fallen in love with the app and have planned an entire day in the city revolving around Histamatic photography but I may have to cancel given these conditions. I’ve been practicing at home and it takes me 10 minutes to get 5 decent photographs when I should be able to get five decent photographs in just thirty seconds if I want. Freezes, glitches, has slow processing, causes my phone to run slow, crashes... most likely because of all of the high quality data jam packed into the app. There’s hundreds of combinations and a lot of surprises within this one app, but it’s too much for it to run and is thus becoming Hell to deal with. I’ve seen many other users complaining about the same ordeal. Histaminic... you’re number one priority needs to involve making sure the app runs smoothly and without crashes. I want to use it like my Apple iPhone default camera and take snapshot after snapshot, effortlessly and without freezes or glitches and without causing anything to slow down or to move slow. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve had the app for just three days, and I’m baffled by its potential and am satisfied with photos I’ve taken thus far but the experience is almost ruined by this tedious technological error.
  • Oink

    By xippitydoodah
    Crashes opening pics. Doesn’t remember settings. Used to be easy.
  • Nothing else like it

    By lumierefl
    I’m impressed with the evolution of this app. Over the years other photo apps began to surpass it in usability & results so for me, it eventually became irrelevant. Until recently. The changes I found are, in my opinion, revolutionary. The engaging unpredictability of the original Hipstamatic remains but added control leads to endless possibilities for experimentation & discovery. Love it. Kudos to the developers.
  • Keep Crashing

    By jasonjiao2018
    Dear Developers, Please update the app while keep it stable... It’s keeping crashing...
  • App crashes too frequently

    By Finshu
    I love this camera but it crashes on average of every 3-4 shots. So frustrating. Is there an update coming soon?
  • Please...

    By JavaSadie
    The only app I missed when I switched to android - please develop a version for the rest of us!
  • Crash and burn

    By WellDoneMediumRare
    I purchased Hipstamatic approximately one week ago and it worked flawlessly until this morning. I have really wrung this app out and found nothing wrong with it until, wait for it, until I updated my iOS. I updated to IOS 11.4.1 this morning and it has crashed regularly since then. I can only surmise that it is not the apps fault or the developers fault but it simply does not perform well under the latest iOS update. Hopefully, the developers will soon release an update incorporating changes that fix the problems with the latest iOS. I hope so because I have sunk a ton of money into this app and it’s add-ons.
  • Crashing! It never ends!

    By aiming high
    I have been dealing with the ongoing crashing problem since the release of iOS 11 back in September, 2017. I’ve been in regular correspondence with the developers since last fall, am part of their beta testing program, have submitted COUNTLESS crash logs, and provided the particulars of when the crashing occurs...over and over again! The developers have been prompt and courteous in replying to my emails, and invariably offer assurances that the problem is being addressed, and a fix is coming. But after almost 11 months, and 8 successive release versions of Hipstamatic (along with a slew of new Hipstapaks, SnapPaks, etc), that just hasn't happened. Thus, I am forced to conclude that the developers, although seemingly willing, are simply UNABLE, to fix this problem. I can think of no other explanation for why such a serious flaw, so often reported by users, has not been fixed after all this time. Like many others, I was a faithful Hipstamatic user, and invested heavily in a plethora of add-ons, so it is with a feeling of utter disappointment, exasperation and sadness that I must now look elsewhere for a creative photography solution using iOS. ********** Still crashing constantly in 342! Waiting (since September) for a fix that works for me. That’s 7 months if you’re counting. UPDATE, April 10: Totally dismayed! After more than 6 months of constant crashing STILL NO FIX in version 341! Despite my repeated pleas to the developer and agreeing to be patient, submitting numerous crash reports at developer's request (beginning back in December), and receiving assurances that this problem would be dealt with, all efforts seem to be focused on cranking out new paks while ignoring the many complaints. I can only conclude that responsive customer support takes a back seat to monetizing the app as much as possible, which I have abetted for almost 4 years to the tune of about $70. Please listen to your loyal and long suffering customers and fix the app! We love Hipstamatic, but we want, and I believe deserve, an app that works! Is that so unreasonable? UPDATE, Dec. 18: STILL NOT FIXED in 340 update!!! Crashes constantly as before. Lens and film defaulting to Jane, Inas 82 on restart. Incredibly, nearly 3 months has passed and the problems are still unresolved! Very disappointed to say the least! I’m about ready to give up on Hipstamatic. UPDATE, Dec 10: After several weeks of unrelenting frustration due to constant crashing I finally opted to delete the app and download a fresh copy, knowing that I would lose all my favorites in the process. I was hoping this would fix the problem, but it did not! The problem persists as before. This app needs to be updated for iOS 11 ASAP and double checked to make sure the crashing problem has been fixed. Until then, Hipstamatic, my longtime go-to app, is useless to me, and I gather, to many others. Sad! I’ve been a longtime and faithful Hipstamatic user, with 52 paks (78 lenses, 84 films, 17 flashes, 8 cases). But all that changed with the iOS 11 update. As others have reported the app crashes when opening a photo for editing or to browse photos already taken. It also crashes randomly at other times, and when restarted defaults to the Jane lens and Ina’s 82 film. Very frustrating and virtually unuseable until this problem is fixed! Please do so ASAP! Thank you.
  • Love Hipstamatic!

    By Deivilugo
    Definitely a great retro photography editing app. Can exploit creativity to the max with so many choices : ) Recently started to have problems with the app. It crashes , period . If I’m able to edit a photo it’s a miracle . Fix it please . iPhone 6 user .