RitmoTime Stroke Monitor

RitmoTime Stroke Monitor

By Full Compression, LLC

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2010-03-05
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 9.11 MB
  • Developer: Full Compression, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 14 Ratings


RitmoTime Stroke Monitor is an advanced on the water training tool that any rower or paddler can use to get real-time stroke rate, speed and distance feedback during water workouts. Every stroke of every workout is recorded and saved for later review. RitmoTime harnesses the impressive computing power and portability of the iPhone to become the ultimate in water sport training devices. RitmoTime Stroke Monitor Free will function just like the paid version except the app must be restarted after 50 strokes. **PLEASE TRY OUR FREE VERSION "RITMOTIME FREE STROKE MONITOR" FIRST. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! With every stroke you take RitmoTime will display and record: - Stroke Rate - Heart Rate* - Speed* - Time (Total & Pieces) - Distance (Total & Pieces)* - Stroke Count (Total and Pieces) - Average Speed* - GPS Location (recorded only)* In addition, RitmoTime will map your entire workout and display recorded data for each and every stroke for a lifetimes worth of workouts! * Speed, distance and mapping only on GPS enabled devices (iPhone or iPod touch with GPS receiver attachment purchased separately). Heart rate feedback is available with the ANT+ Fisica Sensor Key by Wahoo Fitness or with compatible Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) heart rate monitors. Choose from three main display types. Choose the two easy to read and simplified Classic displays or select the Espresso view new with version 2.0. The Espresso view contains two touch select readouts each with a choice of twelve quantities to display. Just tap on the touch field to choose from boat run, heart rate, stroke count, distance, heading, compass heading, remaining strokes, remaining time, remaining distance, total strokes, total time and total distance. The “remaining” and “total” quantities are real-time estimates shown during pieces and are based on a preselected piece time, duration or distance. RitmoTime uses all three accelerometers to measure stroke rate in any orientation relative to the boat allowing for maximum flexibility when mounting. The exclusive Auto Piece Timer feature is much more than just an “auto start” capability – it automatically starts and stops a separate piece and rest timer based on preset user stroke rates. This means hands free timing of pieces whether starting from rest or “on the fly”. No more tedious programming workout work/rest intervals. Instead of following a scripted workout you programmed at the dock, the Auto Piece Timer follows your rowing and starts the piece/rest timer when you begin and end your piece and rest intervals. All workout data is saved, subdivided into pieces and can be viewed on your iPhone, in table or map format, and emailed for sharing. The ultimate workout and race log and recorder! Because RitmoTime works in any orientation it does not need to be mounted in any particular way, it just needs to be secure from sliding or rocking. Protect it with a waterproof case, wrap it in a sweatshirt or towel and then stuff it in front of the foot stretchers. No need to interact with RitmoTime during your workout or before your race as the Auto Piece Timer will organize your data into pieces and rest for easy viewing on the device immediately after your workout. Do you have an iPod touch or iPad without GPS? GPS can be added with a separate hardware attachment. This is a great solution for those who don’t have an iPhone. Your total cost, iPod touch + waterproof case + RitmoTime + GPS attachment, is still less expensive than almost all traditional dedicated stroke monitors that have speed and distance capability. GPS attachments for the iPod touch from Dual, Bad-Elf, and Emprum have all been tested by Full Compression LLC and work great. Pay for RitmoTime only once. No upload charges or hidden fees. Enjoy all future upgrades and added features for free. ** You must use a waterproof case for this application. ** Waterproof case and mounting ideas can be found at our website www.ritmotime.com.



  • Terrific rowing app

    By Jon C.
    Love RitmoTime, its piece/rest timer start/stop logic is very easy to configure and use in the real world. Very flexible, no preconfiguration required to do pieces. And the recording feature is great - I can go back and see every stroke I made on a map and what rate/split/etc I was at when that stroke was taken. A note for those updating to iOS 9 - the app will crash if BT Heart Rate monitor is enabled. To work around, disable Bluetooth temporarily, start RitmoTime, disable Heart Rate monitoring in the app, then you should be able to re-enable Bluetooth. Obviously you won't be able to use HR monitoring in the app, but the rest will work. I believe Full Compression will release a fix at some point.
  • Great feedback for 1x

    By SDRower
    Pros: Lots of information, very helpful feedback while rowing. Works on my 4th gen iPod touch using a Dual GPS receiver. I don't have to risk my phone. Crew Nerd and Rowing in Motion require iOS 7 which my iPod is too old for. Wish list: The mapping function is nice but the only export option is the raw GPS coordinates in the csv file. It might be nice to have check and bounce feedback though I don't know how valid that information is when rowing on less than perfect water. Update: I made the MISTAKE of updating the OS from 5 to 6 after much nagging from iTunes. The GPS receiver stopped communicating with the app. There is fix which involves forgetting the gps device, quitting apps, shutting off location services, powering everything down, restarting and restoring the settings. It's easier than it sounds.
  • Full of information and functionality for the rower.

    By LongRower
    Update to my review seen below: after locating the customer contact info (it's within the app, btw) and sending them my list of concerns, they *immediately* wrote back with a suggestion on how to resolve the primary problem I'd had with the app. Once I enabled offline GPS access to the app, it began functioning like it was obviously meant to. This morning's rowing was much more delightfully informative, to the point that I'll heartily recommend this app for anyone wishing to know "how they're doing" from one rowing session to another. Jim F. Original review: "Pretty difficult to understand how to use." I'm reasonably savvy about rowing (15 yrs), very savvy about computers (40 yrs), but this app has been a conundrum for me. The app and the instructions seem almost totally oriented to doing on-the-water or erg pieces, with very little in the way of examples for configuring it for steady-state rowing (OK, I'm "old"). I'm not necessarily always in training for racing. Pro's: * Offers a VERY flexible configuration, allowing you to set it up for any kind of boat, any number of rowers, weights, and workouts. * Automatically starts timing your pieces when you cross a specified threshold (time or spm). Con's: * There is only cryptic, short "Help" in the app, and nothing additional given on the develodper's website. In fact, the website help section is simply a reprint of the in-app help topics, and the hyperlinks don't work! The instructions are written for a Portrait orientation, however the app defaults to Landscape orientation. And you're sure going to have a difficult time figuring out what is "Expresso" display configuration without being familiar with all three possible settings. Sheesh! For example, in the documentation it states: "On the Settings view you will see four rows, Boating, Display, Recording, Piece Timing." Hmmmm. When I press the little "i" in the lower right hand corner of the main display, then select the "Gear" icon to bring up the settings view, I actually see *seven* rows for "Activity, Display, Piece Timing, Speed & Distance, Recording, and Recalibrate". Plus there's a separate row below it all with five links for Settings, Timers, History, Help, and Unlock. * The app's defaults assume you will be doing piece work, requiring you to become an expert in setting up the app before you can make it work "out of the box", if you're just rowing steady state. * Now see that nice fat time/500m number in the middle of the display? Nothing in the documentation that gives me a clue what that readout is connected to, but after feedback from the developer it seems it measures boat speed IF you have enabled RitmoTime's Access to GPS from within your iPhone's Privacy/Location Services setting. * There are no links anywhere in the website for contacting the developer with your questions; you can only access contact info from within the app itself. * The settings link within the app is a TINY little "i" character in the corner, almost impossible to locate with my fat fingers through a waterproof case in the direct sunlight in a moving boat.
  • Super App!!!

    By KeiRyRoo
    This App does absolutely everything you could ask for. Accuracy and feedback are top notch. Best app I've ever seen.
  • Best Rowing App...Period

    By PeterAldenStroble
    I was using the Speedcoach app -CrewNerd or whatever. Despite RITMO being half the price, it is far superior for the following reasons: 1. Accuracy - both stroke rate and split/speed. Way better, every stroke. 2. Every single stroke is recorded for in depth post workout analysis (export/email to cvs as well). 3. Auto timer. Simply define what stroke rate constitutes paddle/rest (or in-a-piece) and the timer will reset automatically each time you are there to mark the end (or beginning) of a piece...so no need to reset timers ever. This app is so good that it makes the Nielsen Kellerman speed coach itself obsolete. Combine this app with a lifeproof phone case and save yourself $400. It does everything the speedcoach does at a small fraction of the price.
  • Great update!

    By seb67
    Wow these guys are great and so is their app. Asked for compass headings and they put it in. Great for pre dawn rows in the fog.
  • Works great - unbeatable customer support!!!!!!

    By JLpunk
    Originally I rated this app with 1 star because I could not get it to work correctly. I was immediately contacted by the developer. He asked questions about my boat and set up. Then recommended I use the Dragon Boat setting. That improved it, but I had lots of dropped strokes. The developer remained very engaged. We were about to install a developer tool to figure out what my accelerometers were really indicating, when I tried using a different waterproof case for the iPhone. The app instantly worked as advertised. The app is great and is very sensitive and accurate. The customer support was better than any product I have ever used...the developer was genuinely concerned that the app worked well for me. I've upgraded my rating to 5 stars. Thanks to Doug for working through the installation issue with me.
  • RitmoTime rocks!

    By Ja1964
    I love this app. I row 5x / wk and used to use the N-K Speedcoach. No more. I ditched my impeller since I began using RitmoTime's GPS, which is super accurate. I know because the distance of each 500m interval on RitmoTime correlates perfectly with our buoyed race course. I also love the auto pickup that senses when my workout begins and my rest interval kicks in.
  • Great way to monitor performance

    By J A Pierce
    It just works! Gives a good easy to read feedback of stroke rate and current speed. I don't think in time per 500 meters, so the miles per hour works fine too. The real challenge is how to mount the iPhone! I use the club's boats and shift between a single and a double so I found good mounts for both shells. Yes, the iPhone survived a unexpected "flip test." I was even able to answer the phone while on the water - added bonus! I am out for a few hours and while it does drain the iPhone, I think it was down to 60% at the end of 2 hours. (I also run GPS in the background to record the workout as well.) Well thought out app. Designed to be used, not just pretty to look at.
  • Terrific rowing/paddling app

    By acjourney
    I downloaded this app to use as a stroke rate monitor for dragon boat practices to help us achieve the precise ratings we wanted. While this app was originally meant to work for the long smooth rowing stroke, it still worked for the shorter, choppy paddling stroke of a dragon boat. Even better, I contacted the developers and worked with them by providing dragon boat acceleration data which has been incorporated into this new version (1.1). The developers were very responsive and took suggestions seriously. The new dragon boat mode works flawlessly for our practices. Furthermore, the app computes instantaneous split times, distance travelled, and implements piece tracking/timing. I especially love the fact that you can export all this data and analyze it later in whatever way you wish. It's priced more reasonably than some of the other rowing apps out there, and does everything I need it to do. 5 stars!