SongBook Chordpro

SongBook Chordpro

By LinkeSOFT GmbH

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2010-10-02
  • Current Version: 4.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 14.50 MB
  • Developer: LinkeSOFT GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 337 Ratings


Great for professional and amateur musicians alike, SongBook manages your song collections with lyrics and chords. Tap on any chord name to see its variants. Comes with comprehensive, extensible chord libraries for many instruments like guitar, ukulele, banjo and piano. Tons of features: transpose songs, auto-zoom, auto-scrolling, metronome, external display, bluetooth pedal support and much more. Manage big song collections: sort songs in categories, filter by tags, or define playlists (sets) for performances. Based on the popular chordpro format, also supports tab/crd files. Fully offline capable, no Internet connection required. Dropbox synchronization and play together feature. Please refer to our web site for the full documentation and demo videos.



  • Lots of glitches. Usable - but frustrating

    By SixPants
    It's never died during a gig. And the iOS version works. But there are so many goofy issues. In isolation not a big deal. But when you're trying to get things together for a show it can be frustrating. The desktop app is pretty awful and won't run or crashes. In short, this entire produce comes across as a little half-baked. But it's so much less than OnSong that I guess you could run with it. Just be prepared for little issues that aren't a big deal the first month but after 18 months get more and more annoying.
  • Many advantages over OnSong!

    I have bought this for virtually every platform that it is available and my song stuff seamlessly integrates across devices with Dropbox. So cool! Has 2 column support in landscape for less or in some cases no scrolling (OnSong still doesn’t despite 2+ years of promising it is coming soon). Price / features way cheaper than OnSong. Buy the PC version too if you use Songbook much because they compliment each other so well it is very worth it!
  • Song chord pro is difficult to use

    By Gwrirmi
    This is a worthless app. Not at all intuitive..strongly recommend against until interface is improved and direct access to web and chords
  • Excellent Program

    By Ryan M R
    We’ve tried a bunch of these type of programs and this is the best if what you want is to share songs, flip pages, transpose keys, and so on. There are other programs that do a lot more but for what it does this is the easiest to use and most reliable. Unlike some of the others SongBook has full Mac and Windows versions available. Great for editing and loading songs for later use on the iPad or Android tablet. Sharing with Dropbox sync works quite well and is easy to set up. An important bonus is the excellent (and fast) technical support. Check the feature list, make sure it does what you need. If so - buy this program. Highly recommended.
  • God Bless the developer of this app!

    By Markkek
    Finally found the ultimate Songbook that works for me. It’s just technical enough to do the important useful functions, but not complicated and buggie to confuse us old school guys - I use this a lot! Really like it Thanks
  • Useful app!

    By Evandro Gomes
    I've have been using this for days and it's exactly what I needed, well, almost.. Pdf reader could be better...
  • Now my go to music reader app

    By LSFyre
    Thanks to the folks at Linke Soft for adding configurable scroll % in the last update. I am a pianist and don't use the Chord Pro format - all my charts and music are rendered as PDFs. I set the scroll to 50% for 1/2 pages, and now I can see across the page break while playing (using AirTurn Duo) ... a couple extra clicks of the pedal well worth it. I can now put all my music and charts in this app and hands-free turn pages or switch to next song in the playlist. This is a great app.
  • Best Song App Ever!

    By Besosa
    I use this app almost every day, I have 506 songs on it and have it on various phones and iPads, I update and sync with Dropbox. It is amazingly easy to use and to maintain, I have Spanish songs, English songs, Jazz, compositions in progress, etc. I can get songs from the internet with chordpro format or can load them directly and configure to my taste and ability. I use guitar and ukelele chord banks. If you want to excel playing songs and have your library neatly organized, this is the app for you, I very highly recommend it, you’ll love it!
  • Great Product at a Great Price

    By Rollin T
    I really love this product. It uses the non-proprietary chordpro format that you can create/edit on any platform with a text editor if you like. Those files are tiny compared to PDFs so you can send them around or sync using dropbox in a flash and use very little of your storage quota. It runs on ALL major desktop and mobile platforms, and all are available for a very reasonable price. There are small feature differences, but you can absolutely share the same files across all of these platforms and it works great. This is very important for a large diverse group of folks, all with their favorite flavors of gadgets and with very different levels of technical knowledge. Now add that you can link to dropbox right from the application and keep your songs synchronized across a group of your devices or a group of different people, without sending anything around at all. Now consider that changing the key for a song chart requires only a single button push. Also that the presentation style of size/font/color, whether there are chord diagrams and where they are whether the chord names are embedded with the lyrics or above the line, ALL that kind of stuff is external to the file itself so can be set up differently by everyone in your group using the software to please themselves. None of that changes the files you are sharing so you share the same up-to-date songs and yet have yours prettified the way you like it. I have to work hard to find fault in this product. The main limitation I run up against is in sharing multiple song folders between different independent groups. It is tricky to set up dropbox sharing to keep it all straight. It is also tricky to maintain songs with identical names customized for different independent groups. Much of that seems due to limitations in mobile platforms: the desktop versions can easily switch between different “home” folders, all perhaps shared in different ways with dropbox, but the mobile platforms just have one dropbox home, period. It might be that improvements in Android and IOS and Dropbox could make it easy for the Songbook folks to fix all of this. My remaining issue has to do with the limitations of a song chart format vs a “Nashville” style chart. If you want to hand someone a chart to a song they are unfamiliar with and have them play along with you the first time, you need to show how many measures/beats between chord changes, because lyrics are just not enough of a clue. I find myself repeating chord names for each measure, even when the chord remains the same, to provide some clue on timing. It gets difficult when chords split measures. It would be great if there was some more general solution for a hybrid chart that could show where measures begin and end, an option to organize them in the ubiquitous groups of 4, maybe even show/hide the lyrics to focus on chord change timing, etc.
  • This is my go-to app for keeping songs organized.

    By artsygeek
    I use Songbook to perform, playing guitar and singing. Input is easy for me, I get songs from Chordie or I input them by getting lyrics off the internet and I input chords manually. Ultimate Guitar website stopped allowing copying chord pro info in, a shame. I usually like to change chords... to my liking and this app allows editing content. I can set the font, size, scrolling and I can transpose easily. I like the new capability of numbering playlists.