By VRADD Multiplatform Application Development


Our Return-Receipt app allows you to activate Return-Receipt-Requests for emails you send. After recipients of your Return Receipt Requested emails have finished reading, their email program will pop up a message asking them if they want to confirm back to you that they read it. Note - Return-Receipts only work in some email programs (not all of them), and some recipients might have it disabled. There is no guarantee that readers will click "Yes" to send you their receipt, however, in most business situations, it is a widely practiced ethic to accept receipts, and they are an extremely valuable tool in todays uncertain world of email and spam folders. To ensure you are completely satisfied with your results, this app is completely free for a trial period of 14 days, or 25 emails (whichever comes first). The following features are all included in this app: * Return Receipts Helps you to be sure that emails you have sent got opened and read by asking recipients to confirm reading. Return receipts are sometimes called MDN's (Message Disposition Notifications) * Certified email Adds a digital time-stamp and signature to your emails. Now you can get proof that you really did send an email. * Ensured-Receipt emails If you need more certainty than return-receipts, you can activate Ensured-Receipts: recipients will be given the choice to read your email (and let you know they read it), or they won't be able to read it at all. * Self-Destructing emails Similar to Ensured-Receipts, with the additional feature that the email body will no longer be readable after the first opening. (recipients my need to be online and click a link to read these emails) * Retractable Email The contents of both "Ensured-Receipt" and "Self-Destructing" emails can be retracted (deleted) after you send it, so long as the recipient has not yet opened it). * Block printing Our service can provide some limited means to help prevent recipients printing your emails - remember - if you wrote it, you own it. Your email in their inbox does not give them rights to abuse your ownership. * Translation Send in one language, and have it come out in a different one! A wide variety of different language pairs is available to choose from. * White-listed delivery Users of our app enjoy improved delivery rates for their messages - we operate a high-quality whitelisted delivery service independent of your own ISP. If you're having problems getting your emails delivered, our service will fix that. * Delivery monitoring All messages sent through our service enjoy complete delivery tracking. Our systems will give you access to the complete path that your email travelled along it's way to the destination. If it gets scanned by robots, blocked, delayed,or intercepted - we will report the complete details to you. DSN's (aka "Delivery Service Notifications") are a standard built into all SMTP mail servers, and our delivery monitoring automatically activates this for you Q: How does this app work? A: Emails you write are tagged for redirection to our intermediate server which adds the features you've requested Q: Can I use these features from elsewhere? A: Yes - you can use any of our features from any machine. To continue after your trial, our monthly subscription must be obtained through in-app purchase, charged to your iTunes account when you confirm. Subscriptions are normally indefinite (USD$3.99 each month), but can be cancelled at any time (to cancel - visit your Account Settings after purchase and disable auto-renew 24hrs or more before the end of the month). A sending limit of 350 emails/month is imposed. Unused portions of free trials and unused sending limits are added on to your subscription limits and length each month. There is no refund for unused subscription limits or terms after cancelling. Our terms and privacy polices are available at and