Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts

By Daily Workout Apps, LLC

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Your own personal trainer wherever you are! FEATURES: • 39 different 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts (choose to focus on abs, arms, butt, legs or cardio) • 10 to 30 minute randomized full body workouts • Pilates, stretch, ball, kettlebell workouts and more • Unlike most competitors, no in-app purchases or subscriptions! • Great for both men and women • Video showing how to do each exercise • 385+ exercises • Multiple custom routines • Random routines • Ad-free *** TheStreet named Daily Workouts one of the best fitness apps!!! Daily Workouts provides great 5 to 30 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body. The routine's simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!



  • Good, but needs a few essential functions to make it great

    By Classic Mke
    Very good app that gets me motivated and is producing fast results. Still, there are some things missing... >Needs a skip function within the routine. >Should be able to "Save" more than one full routine, and be able to select a custom number of exercises for each saved routine rather than the default number which is determined by the length of the routine selected. >Full screen view is needed.
  • Add stretch workout for mac

    By Rich Rein
    Great. Please add stretches from ios to mac. Also add timer get user to exercise a little all day long. Rich
  • Great workout app

    By EPHamilton
    I've used this a few times and each time I'm done, I'm actually looking forward to the next workout. I like that you can customize what you want to work on. I think if there were options for how long you want to do each work out, that would be a nice bonus. I like the 20 minute work out because its all 1 minute intervals, but I would prefer to workout for 30 minutes, but those are all 90 seconds. A good mix of abs, arms, legs and cardio usually leaves me sweating.
  • Fantastic!

    By Victorv2
    This was exactly whaat I was looking for. Great video demnstrations and workouts! I do a random workout during the day and an ab before bed! If I could add 3 things it would be to make this a more fun interface, add notifications to tell you to workout at a certain time, and to track your progress through the days. This is worth the money and cant wait to see it become even better!
  • Pretty Good.. Just needs....

    By Minimee3
    a space bar pause feature, a bit more time between exercises to set up, and full screen would be great. I really hope there are periodic updates with more exercises added, as these can become redundant quickly.
  • add streching to the computer ap

    By Amberdog2
    I love this ap. I use it almost daily on my iPad, now that I have a Mac this is the first ap I downloaded. But I'm distressed that the streching portion of the ap is not available on the Mac! I start with one or two rounds of streching before doing the rest of the work out snd I would love to be able to do it all from the same device!
  • Great easy to use app

    By kirskow36
    I first had the free versions, but then I purchased the ab one, and then caved and just got the full one. Having the video play is so helpful, especially when first learning exercises and proper technique. I have one critique and one suggestion. As others have mentioned, full screen would be nice. I have poor eyesight even with my contacts in so it can be hard for me to see the screen, especially when doing random workout where you don't know what is coming next. My recommendation for future updates is the ability to log and track your workout sessions for a way to track progress. May you can upload a picture or something and have your own before and after setup from doing this program (similar to the app "fitness"). Anyway, good app, I think the recommendation would also help put this app on a different level, but that could just be me.
  • Phenomenal App!

    By carvajal89
    This is a great workout to do at the privacy of my home. It tones and builds up my lower body. Fantastic! Does anyone know the name of the certified trainer (video) in the app?
  • I liked it when I first got it

    By grrrtherernoopennicknames
    but it has been not opening. it just bounces for ever in my dash. I can not enjoy it if it won't even open . Please fix this.
  • Great!

    By WL.a
    This was a great app! The strength exercises were fantastic, and I consider myself to be in pretty good shape. With my school schedule, I don't have the time to get to the gym as often as I'd like, but I can do this for varying durations at home!