GPS Transportation Wizard WDW

GPS Transportation Wizard WDW

By Laughing Place Communications, LLC

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The wildly popular TWiz App just got a whole lot better with the release of GPS TWiz. Now you can navigate the Disney transportation system at Walt Disney World using a familiar and intuitive map-based GPS interface. You can view your location, use pinch/zoom gestures to zoom in and out, and select beginning and ending locations for your trip from the map in addition to the list. Are you boggled by maps and prefer to just search for words? On the super duper GPS TWiz, you can search for locations using a convenient search bar. For example, type "bo" to find the Boardwalk Inn - it's just that easy. Or you can tap the "Near" button to pick a location that is close to your current location. GPS Twiz puts the fun in functionality! Simply pick a starting location (where you are) and then pick the place you want to get to. Mr. Wizard will promptly make fun suggestions about how to get there using Transportation. Mr. Wizard also estimates how long it will take to get there. By tapping on the route, you get lots of helpful tips about the transportation system and you can share your experience of times and tips with other users. You can also choose the driving or walking icon and Mr. Wizard (with the help of Google Maps) will map your route for you and give you an estimate of the time to walk or drive that route. Imagine you are on your first trip to the Grand Floridian. You arrive at your hotel, unpack your bags and call your friends who happen to be staying at the Boardwalk Inn. You decide you want to meet for dinner at the Flying Fish café… but you don’t have a car, and you have no idea how to get to the Boardwalk from the Grand Floridian. You whip out your iPhone and the GPS Transportation Wizard comes to your rescue; promptly suggesting several routes involving boats, buses, or monorails. He even tells you how long it’s likely to take so you won’t be late for dinner. Thank you Mr Wizard! Or, perhaps you are a veteran of Disneyworld and love planning daily itineraries. You plan your trip, making a careful schedule of where to eat and which parks to go to when. You decide that a fun day at the Hollywood Studios would really be nicely topped off by dinner at Chefs de France. But how long is it going to take to get there, and what is the funnest possible route (this is a vacation after all!)? You pop out your iPhone and fire up the OLP WDW Transportation Wizard who gives you several recommendations. Oh my gawrsh, I didn’t know you could take a boat from the Studios to Epcot! That sounds like fun! But I will have to allow at least 37 minutes for that trip so we better leave by 5PM to make sure we are in time for dinner at 6PM. Thank you Mr Wizard! Now you can share your favorite routes with a friend, and you can influence Mr. Wizard's magic by voting thumbs up or thumbs down on the routes he suggests. You can send in helpful tips about routes that Mr. Wizard can share with the community of TWiz users. The GPS Transportation Wizard puts even more pixie dust magic of trip planning in your pocket. The GPS TWiz is based on a program written in 1998 using a proprietary technology. Twiz has been thoroughly tested by thousands of happy users. You can see the original twiz at where it is still in use today. Lucky for you, you can now carry it around on your iPhone or Touch for ready access.



  • This is not a gps

    By OffTheVine
    The app does not accurately navigate within Disney or provide an eta because bus arrival and departure times are not available. Download Google maps or Uber to get a better idea of how to navigate on Disney property
  • Needed if going to Disney World!

    By Dudleygooseberry
    Seriously get this if you’re going to Disney World! You can figure out how to get where you want to go within Disney’s transportation system- and about how long it will take. Really useful and awesome!!!! We use it every time we go to Disney.
  • Love it!!

    By Family plan plus
    This app was great helping to figure out best way to get from one place to another at Disney World!! We depend on it and it’s been right every time!
  • Don't Buy

    By Kcallen6
    We couldn't get this to work while in Disney. The idea is great but the design is a pain.
  • Used it many times every day

    By Smc11111
    Great app..saved me MUCH time and heartache. We had ADR's at different resorts we had never gone to before and this app helped us get there on time. One of the best Disney World related apps out there
  • Very Horrible

    By LaneyKatie
    The app leads you to believe it has directions by car, but actually only gives you distance in time. Waste of money!!!
  • Love it!

    By Mamablanc
    This is a great app. Gives you the easiest route from place to place and approximate time. Very helpful!
  • Horrible.

    By wrstahl
    Not a good ap. disappointed in functionality. Can't reset my searches.
  • This is a great application

    By xibalakuapp
    navigation applications using the operation is very simple. Allows me to keep abreast of the traffic situation. Help me arrange a reasonable route
  • Mr Wizard does the best

    By Alan5460256
    I have checked this app for a while and found this is pretty cool app according my journey to WDW. I think Mr. Wizard does the best to help you find the fastest and most interesting transportation routes and schedules while you traveling in WDW. Not only that, you can also get more travel tips from Mr Wizard and share your routes which you were interested with your friends.