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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2012-02-26
  • Current Version: 2019.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 104.84 MB
  • Developer: OnSong
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Manage huge collections of chord charts and lyrics sheets for your band or worship team on your iPad or iPhone. Quickly pull and reorder set lists and flip from one song to the next with ease. Transpose and highlight chords or change font size with a brush of your finger! Hands-free operation with popular wireless foot pedals or MIDI devices. Playing music has never been more simple with software built for live performance musicians. You can import songs directly from online sources such as Dropbox, or add your own songs with the built-in editor. Just type the song like you would expect and surround your chords in square brackets inline with your lyrics. It's that easy! OnSong automatically detects sections and titles for you when you end them with a colon. You can also import your existing songs using iTunes file sharing or Dropbox. OnSong supports PDF, Word, Pages, JPG, PNG, TIFF, ChordPro and text file formats. When you have your set just the way you want it, share it with your band members wirelessly. Listen to the song you are playing directly from your iTunes or OnSong music library, play a metronome or get the music iTunes with just one tap. This app is loaded with features that musicians demand. Features: • Simple song and chord entry • Import, export and synchronize with Dropbox and other sources • Pull sets and change songs for live performance • Flip or tap through all the songs in your set • Transpose and capo with a tap or brush of your finger • Highlight or bold chords for visibility • Change font size and style • Keep track of your past sets and archive • Import songs from your various online sources • Play backing tracks from your iTunes or OnSong music library • Play a click track to a metronome with remembered tempo for each song • Share wirelessly with your band members over Bluetooth or WiFi • Send your list to your team via email • Print your set wirelessly to an AirPrint printer • Works with many foot pedals such as the AirTurn PED, AirTurn BT-105, Griffin Stompbox and iRig Blueboard • Project lyrics or use a stage monitor with VGA, HDMI, AirPlay and Chromecast support



  • Do not buy.

    By RockinCellist
    Not only does this app charge extra for pen support, the pen support is not working properly. When trying to write with the pen, the screen constantly zooms in and out (without my hand on the screen) making my note taking unproductive. Even if it did work, by charging extra for pen support you might have extracted that out of me but you have lost my recommendation to any other music team member I will ever work with.
  • Highly recommend

    By Drewskimon
    If you like to keep it basic, this app is very easy to use. If you like to geek out and get more in depth this app has multiple features that allow you to individualize your music and complete multiple functions. Today I am learning how to mirror my screen to other screens for the rest of the band, for example.
  • I am in love with OnSong!!

    By Paula Douglass
    I have been using OnSong for over a year and I absolutely love it. I saw a couple of reviews saying there are too many features as if this were a negative thing. You can never have too many features. I would rather have the it and not need it than need it and not have it. This is one of the things I love about this app. It caters to the simplest of demands or to the most techno savvy user without one interfering with the other, so as you progress in your OnSong knowledge and comfort, there always are more features for you to explore. You can create a simple song library for you to browse through as needed, or you can use that same library to create a set list which operates as simple as turning the page of a book. If you want to get fancy you can add a Bluetooth pedal to turn your pages for you while keeping your hands free. You can either share this list or print it for band mates or sound technicians. You can add a scroll, backing tracks, notes, comments, etc. too many for me to mention. I do not typically write reviews, so for me to do so means I feel very strongly about this app. If you are thinking of getting it and you are reading reviews to get reassurance, then stop here, buy OnSong and don’t look back. You won’t regret it!!
  • One big missing feature

    By kidbristol
    Maybe this app was developed with church bands in mind - it seems to have been. Still, as a songwriter, the absence of a basic voice recorder is a big letdown. When I’m writing a new song, I record snippets as I go. In (now unsupported) old apps in the past, I would record multiple short “performances” so I could remember ideas as they came to me. Using my iPad or phone’s voice recorder isn’t the same - the audio files aren’t bundled with the chord chart, so they’re often hard to find, and I have create 10-15 of them as I write. Those apps aren’t built for that workflow. But this one should be, IMO.
  • Live application

    By Lisa Vz
    I do like the idea of this app. Just wish it were more stable I have trouble using for live gigs. I’ve had songs stop and change tracks in the middle of a song. Many times as I’ve tried to change settings to fix this problem seems to be unreliable. Putting sets together isn’t that easy. It a bit buggy. It’s not designed to play songs on the fly if you’re in the middle of a set. If anyone can suggest ways to fix these issues please let me know.
  • Great for Gigs

    By CauldronClub
    Ideal for gigging musicians. Pairs particularly well with the ultimate guitar app. I export charts from ultimate guitar directly into onsong via the share button. Onsong then intelligently formats each to my template format. Simple, easy, and clean.
  • No longer supported

    By Housemannh
    Do not buy
  • What’s the point?

    By Majestic Maiden
    This App came highly recommended to me and so I purchased it. Once I got into it I realized that in order to find songs to play within the app I have to pay more money to another company. I am trying to figure out why this is a good app for anyone who’s not a professional musician... I don’t want to have to type in every song that I want to play and I feel like my money would’ve been much better spent on a different app... I am highly disappointed and don’t really find the video tutorials helpful... I wish I could go back to before I spent the money on this.
  • Promises promises

    By ThisOtherPerson
    Importing double byte characters in a Word document fails and yields gibberish. The app SERIOUSLY needs to support two columns layouts both internally Update: with all the promises to “someday” provide an update that provides two column layouts, still YEARS later no visible effort to make it happen. Meanwhile all kinds of features I can’t use. I can only use the most basic features of displaying a chart and I have to convert it to a pdf to do it. It’s only basically useable for me. I have supported this app buying every version, add on and feature but this developer has their own agenda to bloat this app with “everything else”. Really frustrating.
  • Buggy

    By Schoonma
    There are a lot of good ideas in this app, but it is VERY buggy. I just lost 3 practice sessions worth of work because of a bug in set list sharing. It is a continual fight against bugs. It is inexcusable to deliver a product with so many bugs. I manage a software development team, and we would never release a product with this many defects. Update (3/22): I just lost 45 minutes work when onsong unexpectedly restarted while I was inputting a song. Yay. What egregious thing did I do to cause it to restart? I switched focus to a different app. If I wasn’t chained to this app due to having to collaborate with others who are using it, I would jettison it faster than this morning’s prune juice.