7 Wonders Companion

7 Wonders Companion

By Repos Production

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-06-15
  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 145.12 MB
  • Developer: Repos Production
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 121 Ratings


≈≈≈≈ 7 WONDERS COMPANION ≈≈≈≈ ≈≈ THE INDISPENSABLE TOOL FOR 7 WONDERS ≈≈ ≈ The official game aid for 7 Wonders: the most award-winning board game of all time! ≈ This application will offer you unparalleled ease of play, with multiple options: • A NEW EXCLUSIVE WONDER >> Play with Cupertino, created specially for the occasion! • RANDOM DRAWING OF WONDERS >> For a quick game setup. You can also choose not to play with some wonders • EFFICIENT SCORING CALCULATION >> Total your points in an easy way with a system that's designed and optimized specifically for 7 Wonders • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR STATISTICS >> Record your games and look at the evolution of your scores over time • QUICK ACCESS TO THE SCIENCE SCORING TOTAL AND THE BUILDING CHAIN >> Don't lose any more time, and be more precise in your forecasts during the game • EXPANSION SUPPORT >> Also helps when playing with Leaders or Cities! You can even enable Teamplay!



  • Absolutely great, but needs updating

    By Zheiden
    Easy to use. Never had an issue. However, Babel and Armada have arrived and this needs a solid updating. Keep me posted
  • Not worth it

    By brewkob
    This app barely functions. Not worth the hassle in my opinion. Doesn't support playing with more than 7 players with expansions (no Babel support either). Quite disappointing.
  • Good with a few bugs

    By Chrysophylax
    I find this to be an invaluable addition for scoring with the added benefit of keeping track of a wide range of statistics for each player over all recorded games. I would greatly appreciate if the developers would add iCloud syncing to the app - for a paid app to not have this is a disaster. I don’t always play at home. Sometimes game day happens far away and I want to keep track of the scores on both my iPad and iPhone. But to do this as is, they remain unsynced without iCloud sync. The top bar which tells you which screen you are on is so large it overlaps the rest of the screen and hides vital information, such as the player names. Such a beautiful design layout is ruined by the poor use of spacing. Finally, the app has the option to link with Contacts for selecting players... but crashes immediately on every device I’ve tried it with when the option is selected. I suspect this is due to privacy permissions required and the app doesn’t handle it at all.
  • Nice app but needs Babel expansion!!

    By elessar52876
    A paid app should stay up to date. The Babel expansion is several years old now. Scoring is a pain when playing with Babel cause you have to artificially stash those points in other categories - which also throws off the stats. Also, there should be an account creation, so that you can keep transfer stats when you upgrade your phone.
  • Needs some TLC

    I'm relieved to have the iOS 11 update and I'm hopeful with the release of the full game in the App Store this will get some more love! Please, please, please; 1. Add export data function! There's no way to back up my years of playing! 2. Add Babel expansion! 3. Correct China wonder (app doesn't support non-liner wonder building for the unique board) The App's ability to know and count legal cards makes it so important for scoring. It's layout and additional functionality (like science calculator) make it the essential for companion for my favorite board game. These updates are long over due and since the update machine has been fired up I'd love to see some more TLC!
  • Needs update for iPhone X

    By Chrispy65
    Nice companion for playing 7 Wonders. But, as the title says, the screens are in need of adjustment for the iPhone X screen size and aspect ratio. Specifically: - The title bar text of each screen is cut off at the top - Each screen of the score calculator is misaligned within the scrolling frame
  • Good, but severely needs an update

    By Adrian232
    I've been using this app for a while to score 7 Wonders. There is at least one decent scoring app for Android, which seems to be a lot more usable. Because of limitations in the iOS app, we always use the Android app whenever someone who is playing has it. This app is missing the entire Babel expansion, making it completely useless when playing with one of the two expansions included in it. It also requires you to put in the city used by the players before scoring. If this is done slightly incorrectly, the wonders section would not get scored appropriately and you'd have to completely redo all the scores. This is annoying. Also the blue card section requires you to tap the cards, rather than enter the value, which is counterintuitive for many of the players announcing their scores. If that Babel expansion was added and the other issues resolved in some fashion, this app would deserve 5 stars.
  • Great! But!

    By Krasavyets
    Love this app. But please add points for the Babel expansion!
  • Great but severely outdated

    By cm19942007boi
    I use this app every time I play 7 Wonders it is a must have for scoring the game. There are a couple faults I have with it. 1) Where is the Babel expansion? I know I’m not the first and I know I won’t be the last but the expansion has been out for 3 years and there is no update to this app. I’ve owned the expansion for a couple years and have avoided playing it because it’s not on the scoring app. When I teach this expansion to 6 more people I don’t want to create confusion about where the points go and how to figure it out. 2) I’ve experienced a bug a couple times when there is a tie and the first place goes to whoever has more money, when looking back on the saved game I come to find the first and second place get reversed from what the original placement was at the time of play. 3) I recently got a new phone and now I have no way of tracking past games so it would be useful to have some kind of data save feature. This isn’t a free app and I know you all are very busy but I don’t see why some of these things couldn’t have been anticipated on release of the game or within the last 3 years. Thank you for the iOS 11 update though.
  • Finally fixed!!!

    By Shrimpo98
    It looks like the game was finally fixed about 1 minute ago! It used to crash when adding up scores but it’s all better now! Best way to calculate scores for this awesome game.