EquiTrack - Equine Training

EquiTrack - Equine Training

By MayanApps LLC

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2012-11-18
  • Current Version: 17.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 22.86 MB
  • Developer: MayanApps LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 37 Ratings


Your competitive advantage! Please note: Requires IOS version 10 or later. Includes iWatch extension. Includes a FREE website for your entire stable: www.myequitrack.com Help get your equine in tip top shape with EquiTrack, the easy and fun way to record your equestrian rides. EquiTrack can help you gain that competitive advantage by giving you the information you need to customize training for each horse in your stable. Keep your pleasure rides all in one app with EquiTrack. It's easy to record and see how far and fast you've ridden. Post it - email it! Show off your training or pleasure rides on Facebook, or email to a client to show how you and your equine partner are doing. For pleasure riding or training - EquiTrack makes it easy to keep it all at your fingertips. Here's what EquiTrack can do: Create a custom profile for your horse, including it's own photo. Have as many horses in your app's 'stable' as you need. Record each ride using the iPhone GPS, including time, distance, and speed. Record your horse's heart rate. View the ride on a map as well as a detailed data page for statistics. Create custom training programs or use the built in programs. (see details below) Ride 'freestyle' without using any training program, and the ride is still recorded by GPS. Listen to your music or audiobooks while riding, and the training programs sounds will cut in to notify you of a change. Monitor the energy your horse has used as well as yourself - for each ride. EquiTrack Features: Create custom training programs to enhance your workouts. Add custom notes to each ride. Each horse in your stable has a summary page showing the total time, distance, speeds, and energy used for all of it's rides. Choose ground conditions to save with each ride for future reference, or to compare performances. Weather data is automatically added and saved with each ride. Your starting location is automatically added and saved with each ride. View your current speed, top speed, average speed, distance, time, and energy burned for each ride. View stable totals - see how far and fast your entire stable has ridden. Choose from many built-in sounds to customize the training program notifications. Training Programs: EquiTrack allows you to use up to 9 custom training programs to help train your equine to reach it peak performance. Each training program has up to 10 steps using either time or distance to record each step. EquiTrack will notify you by sound when each step is about to finish, then when it has finished. Easily modify a program to include or skip steps as desired. Each step is recorded separately so you can see performance on each step. Example of a Custom Training Program: Step 1 - Warmup for 4 minutes Step 2 - Trot for 1/4 mile Step 3 - Walk for 2 minutes Step 4 - Lope for 4 minutes Minutes You can also ride without using any training program and the ride will be recorded on a map as well as statistics. Background GPS Use: Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Please Note: This app requires a GPS enabled device. An Important Note About Energy Used: The ‘calories burned’ calculation for humans is calculated using the speed and distance of your ride and is based on readily available calculations. However, energy consumed for horses is very difficult to calculate and would be determined by many factors, much more than is applicable to this app. Please note that the calculation for calories burned for your horse is not accurate and should not be used for anything other than a reference point to see if the horse is ‘burning more energy’ than the previous ride or training session. Please consult your veterinarian for questions regarding your horse’s health and caloric intake needs.



  • Dropped from 5 to 2 stars

    By Sas1980
    Because you still don’t have an option to start and top tracking from the iWatch. Without having to take you phone. I’ve since moved on to the “Horse Riding” app that does about the same as this one because it gives the option to start and stop tracking via the watch. And when done it will sync the ride automatically to the phone with GPS mapping. It’s a shame cause I like EquiTrack but it it doesn’t seem like they are up to updating the app. I don’t want to have to take my phone with me. Just to track. Specially with the iWatch 3. That has GPS. And also it’s own cell signal. Please make this changes and I’ll go back to 5 stars. But until then. I just can’t rate it that. And don’t say it can’t be done. Specially since this other app is. doing it.
  • Awesome App!

    By Skuggi21
    Love using this app! It's a great way to keep track of your rides. Very easy to use.
  • Suggestion for an Update

    By Sandkisses
    This is one of my favorite apps and I've recommended it to numerous friends. I love the ability to track my workouts, as well as my horse's. Would it be possible for the app to be updated, so that it can be linked to Apple Health? There are so many other fitness apps that work with Apple Health, but none on the market for equestrians.
  • Best equine tracker

    By vomsteinhund
    I've tried so many tracking apps and this one is the best by far! First one I've found that can track multiple horses at one time. My only tracking app now!
  • Update failure

    By Classical Fencer
    The last few updates of this app are no longer compatible with my iPhone 5c. Now I am forced to drop an app I loved for another.
  • Loved this app, but now can't use it?!?

    By DaphneDrake
    I used this app for every single ride to track my mare's training, distance, and speed. I went to update the app and now am being told I can't use it on my 5c iPhone. I'm pretty disappointed that I'm not able to use the app anymore, it's been my favorite tracking app.
  • Confused and frustrated

    By Zenicole
    I have had this app on my 5c for a couple of years now and still do. Suddenly I am being told I can't update the app because this app can't be used on an iPhone 5c. I don't understand. And this is an app I paid for. I really liked this app and want the update.
  • Glitchy, no support

    By Cheyennebrownie
    The distance traveled during a ride only works until you save the ride. It just shows "0" for miles traveled once you save the ride and you lose the map. Basically all it's good for is recording the time you ride which is not worth $8. App website doesn't work so I don't know how to contact anyone to get it resolved.
  • Equitrack- Best Equine App Out There

    By dfarris
    I routinely wax eloquent on "Equitrack" , probably the best trail riding and training recording app out there. Available as an Apple download, it allows you to use pre-programmed workouts or customize your own workout sessions. Alternatively you record your freestyle ride in terms of auto record of weather, temp, humidity, wind, total ride time, avg speed, top speed, horse and human calories burned, equine heart rate, special notes, and a GPS and satellite overlay of your ride. I've used it religiously the past 3 years and like it better than my much more expensive Garmin Forerunner system. It's so good it accurately mapped a 100 mile EquiTour a group of us took in Spain. Ncluding the GPS photos and satellite map of terrain where we rode! This app should be used by any group that attempts to capture member riding miles or hours, all endurance or trail competitors, amateurs just interested in "the know", or serious competitors who need a disciplined approach to their individual training time.
  • Love this app!

    By Dallas1493
    I absolutely love Equitrack! My only suggestion would be making it to where it automatically saves your ride if you close out the app. Several times while riding I have accidentally closed the app prior to saving which then resulted in all my totals for that day being deleted. It's frustrating. ):