Call Recorder Lite - Record Phone Calls for iPhone

Call Recorder Lite - Record Phone Calls for iPhone

By Component Studios

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-07-08
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 10.93 MB
  • Developer: Component Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 1,351 Ratings


Call Recorder is the easiest way to record your iPhone's incoming and outgoing calls! Features include: - Record your incoming calls - Record your outgoing calls - Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox Steps for recording an incoming (existing) call: 1) Open Call Recorder 2) Go to the Record screen and tap the Record button 3) Your existing call is put on hold and your phone will dial our recording number 4) Once connected to our recording number, tap the Merge button on your screen to create a 3-way call between your existing call and our recording line Steps for recording an outgoing call: 1) Open Call Recorder 2) Go to the Record screen and tap the Record button 3) Your phone will dial our recording number 4) Once connected to our recording number, tap the Add call button on your screen to call your desired contact. 5) Tap the Merge button to create a 3-way call between your existing call and our recording line The free version will record the full length of your calls, however, in order to listen past the first 60 seconds the Pro In App Upgrade is required. Please note that 3-way calling is a required phone feature for Call Recorder to work properly. Cellular carriers known to NOT support 3-way calling are: H2O Wireless, Virgin Mobile



  • Check The Recording Laws in Your State 1st!

    By It was good but not good cv
    I couldn’t help but to notice that a lot of the reviews are regarding their state’s recording laws, and that many of the buyers seem to think that the “Two-Party Consent” law is national. So just in case you’re wondering, I would recommend that you check your state’s laws; some are more straight forward than others, while some have provisions for certain types of interactions. I.e. In Texas we have a “one party consent” law in which it states that only one party to the hypothetical conversation has to have knowledge that the content of their conversation is being recorded; for example you cannot record two or more people’s conversation without being part of said conversation. Conversely if you are party to the conversation (and if you plan to use your recordings for semi-legal or litigation purposes, I definitely recommend that you state your name at some point during the call just in case) then you have every right to record the conversation in it's entirety. Whether or not it would be permissible evidence in either of the aforementioned scenarios is a judicious decision usually left to the discretion of whomever is presiding over the matter (judge, mediator etc). In California all parties must be made aware of any intentions to record a conversation in which the party may take part and most of the time (my understanding is) the judicial system doesn’t permit such recordings to be used as evidence. Some states allow citizens who are dealing in private matters to record their conversations without disclosing it to another private citizen, while the same state law has provisions for businesses, creditors, corporations etc. Still other states, Texas included, are pretty lax on the one party law as long as the content of the recordings aren’t going to be used illegally (i.e. blackmail, extortion etc). In short, check the laws in your state before buying the app. And while I probably shouldn’t plug another app while praising this one, there is another recording app which has a menu option to review all U.S. state’s recording laws. They also have a nifty transcription option that can be used to transcribe the content of your recorded conversation (for an additional fee, of course)and then its sent to you via fax/email etc. If you plan to use your recordings for any legal purpose this usually isn’t so much optional as it is either mandated or highly recommended. All in all, having tried out both available recording apps, I’d say that the latter two optional features are the only thing that sets the two apart as both have the same procedures to follow, instructionally speaking, and they both offer competitive pricing and quality. So happy recordings!
  • Good recordings but...

    By autumnlori
    I’m all for this app. Good sound quality, easy to use, BUT... I’m a little miffed that if I wanted to listen to my first call lasting only a few minutes I had to upgrade. Annoying!
  • Undesided

    By SuRaghavi
    I downloaded this app, because it’s free. I made a phone call n tried recording. It all went well until I wanted to hear that recording back. It shows I need to upgrade. What ? Okay so when I tried to check the upgrade prices, its really worse to see only one option $9.99. I got no other option to make any upgrade, but when I checked into app purchase, they mentioned couple of pricing, which is affordable. But I don’t really get to understand why I don’t have other price options. I don’t want to spent $9.99, but the recording is required at the same.. this app made me piss. For developers, don’t give that fake overview impression to customers plz.
  • Really great app

    By Majvt
    I like this app because you purchase credits instead of a monthly or yearly subscription. I only need to record certain phone calls and so I have plenty of credits to be able to do that instead of having a continual subscription to pay for. I did a test call and found the recording to be clear and it sounded just like the phone call. I recommend this app over all other telephone recording apps because of the above features.
  • I paid it for this for legal purposes

    By lindsbee1
    Legally you’re not allowed to record someone without their knowledge, however when you’re in a situation where you’re dealing with very sketchy people you need to make sure that you’re covered and your story checks out. Now during the first conversation when I informed the person I was recording them and they said OK, it just so happens that this app then disconnected and now I don’t have that on the recording that I need it for. The other time, of course the one where I notify the other person the call recording app does not disconnect but sure as hell records her saying that she does not want to be recorded. So overall it’s a handy app and good to have, a little complicated in the sense of having to call and then merge calls and what not So the money I don’t think it was worth it but the only way to get a full recording and save it of course is to buy it. So hopefully an update is coming soon
  • Easy to use

    By Smellinat
    Very easy to use. And a must in today's world
  • saleh

    By salehzavvari@yahoo
  • Tricked me out of $10

    By Chillaxxer
    This app is NOT FREE! This app scammed me out of $10. i recorded a call for a project In School, and after 60 secs of playback it said i cant listen to unless i upgrade. Can’t export unless i upgrade Can’t do anything with he audio file unless i upgrade & then they put a cap on the time you record after you pay the $10! So i payed $10 for an app that advertises itself as free with these features. A premium version of this app does not exist. Use an app that outright says lite or puts the Free limitations upfront so you do not get caught like me. Do not use this app
  • Total waste of time

    By Frequent traveler2012
    App will allow you to record but WON'T allow playback because the require you to upgrade first. I wished I knew upfront so I wouldn't waste my time nor the recording that now I can't listen to. These guys are your typical baite-and-switch which is illegal. Deleting the app and moving on to better endeavors.
  • No recordings

    By therealpjpark
    I taped three very important calls. Notifications were sent to my phone that they were recorded. No recordings anywhere. Thanks, Call Recorder.