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Things 3

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*** APPLE DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2017 *** Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design. HERE'S HOW THINGS WORKS If you're new to Things, this is the basic workflow: 1. Collect Your Thoughts Get things off your mind quickly with Things’ action extension – it lets you create to-dos from other apps. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders. 2. Get Organized Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things. 3. Plan Your Time See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day. 4. Make the Most of Your Day Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day. 5. Customize Your Workflow Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search. HERE'S WHY WE THINK YOU'LL LOVE THINGS 1. It stays out of your way. As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos. 2. Everything revolves around your to-dos. In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them. 3. It’s got a touch of magic. Things removes friction in magical ways. Take the new Magic Plus Button that lets you insert to-dos at any place in a list – simply via drag and drop. Or the ease at which you can multi-select and operate on many to-dos at once. Or the natural language date parser: just type “tomorrow”, “in 4 days", or “next Wednesday", and it will jump to all the right conclusions. 4. It’s got all the power of iOS. Things is fully integrated with all the latest iOS technologies: Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications. 5. And much more... Everyone's got their favorite feature, it's impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at: WHAT’S NEW? This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list. THINGS FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES Get Things for Mac and iPad to enjoy the full power of Things across your devices (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things. QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.



  • Missing Important Feature

    By cpeltz28
    The “Repeat” function has so much untapped potential. When you want to repeat something daily, but only on weekdays, or, for example, only on MWF - there’s no option for that. Either you get it once a week, or every day. When I use the repeat feature and select “daily” I should be presented with a Sunday to Saturday format that allows me to select the days of the week that I want this task to repeat. Say, for example, I want a task repeated every MWF, I would tap on M, W, and F individually, and that task would be added to every MWF in my calendar.
  • Two requests:

    By slbee123
    Please, in the month-by-month calendar in /Upcoming/, show all dates for scheduled, repeated calendar events (mine are synced from the stock Calendar app.) I like to see my bi-weekly paychecks scheduled out, and I can only see the date of the first paycheck of that month. So most months will say [date(Pay Day x2)]. Some lucky months say [date(Pay Day x3)] but I digress. I will have immediately visible to me the date of the first paycheck only. I can easily deduce the following dates, but it would be nice to just have the information there. Thanks for your consideration. Edit: I would also like to see customizable swipe gestures on tasks. I would like to be able to change the preset actions so that I could quickly add a tag to a task. Or, what could work better is having all options. Pull a task a little to your right to set a calendar date – then just pull it a bit more to tag the task. Same idea the other direction. Edit 2: Can we please have granular control over which Area's tasks count towards the icon badge? I need to be reminded more about tasks in one Area than I do any others so I would like the option to preclude them (maybe even individual Projects too? It could operate the same as the tag manager). Edit 3: Could I also have the option to preclude tasks from any given Area/Project from the Today view? What is your opinion of that? A filter we can apply at will. I hope you like my suggestions, this app is already the most thought out I've ever seen and I've only been using it for 15 minutes. It just makes sense is all I can say. I was reminded of the quote that comes out of Apple every now-and-again about wanting to design tools that feel like an extension of our minds – this software does. You have designed a very powerful tool. I think just a couple more imrovements to the flow and this will reach Perfection.
  • 👍🏻 iOS app great 👎🏻 Watch app regularly stops synchronizing

    By GB13😎
    Very much a tale of two halves – the iOS app is excellent, great for organizing my tasks in both simple and complex ways. I’ve been a happy Things user since about 2010. Unfortunately, the Watch app regularly stops synchronizing. To get it to behave, here’s the workaround I’ve figured out: (1) uninstall & reinstall the Watch app, then (2) force quit & reopen the iPhone app. Obviously, this should not be necessary!
  • I like the simplicity

    By pittsburgh_chick
    It’s a great app to get things done without being bogged down with too much complexity. I like the clean interface. A good app to plan your day shouldn’t take more time to deal with than actually doing what’s on your list and this app delivers. Planning is important, but so is actually taking action. I always feel elated when I can check something off, it makes me feel good. With this app, I actually get to check off things and know I had a productive day. I only downloaded the iOS version to start, because there was no free trial and it’s a little pricey, but now I plan to buy the Mac version soon, regardless of the price. Nice work and thanks :).
  • Awesome 👌🏻

    By مشكل پسند 😉
    I have tried bunch of To Do apps, but this one is absolutely different! I use it as my daily routine schedule, reminder, note book, even keep tracing of projects, and list of everything I have. All in all, it's fast, easy, and have lots of necessary options, beside its simple and good looking design. +Here I have few ideas for developers of the app: • sort Today tasks by their reminder's time • Notification sounds option • New theme (dark, purple, etc.) • Convert for projects (try to bring the algorithm of converting "to-do to project" for "project to era"
  • Great app, just one suggestion!

    By meowsers696969
    This app is seriously life-changing. Being an adult with ADHD this really helps manage my tasks and to-dos. It takes a little time to get used to it, but once you do, it’s so easy to customize, move tasks around, change dates, etc. I love that I can get the same information on my MacBook and my iPhone so that I’m always on track. The one thing I have not seemed to find in any app is the ability to allocate specific timeframes for each task. With this app, you can easily see tasks you need to complete for “today”, but I would love to be able to designate times for each task and receive reminders when I should be moving on to the next task. With this one change, this app would really do everything!
  • Almost the best. But no PC option

    By Bobincincy
    Would love to give Things 5 stars but I can’t. Because of their continual refusal to provide a native app or web version for PC, it hurts people, like me, who have all Apple products but their work laptop (a PC). Considering I’m on the laptop 8-9 hours a day, would be great to have Things on there so I can sync with all my devices. And no, the crummy “use mail to forward” is not a good workaround. For now, I’m stuck with ToDoIst. Which works on ALL devices.
  • Slowed down a pinch when opening

    By CodeRed2020
    In one of the recent updates I noticed the speed of Things go down a little bit when it’s first opened. I’m not sure what happened, but I do miss when it used to open a little faster. Not a huge deal, but I would like it if you all would try to increase the speed when it’s opened.
  • 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    Please add an option in the settings to disable landscape I hate it flipping on me It should be optional because it can get frustrating 🖤 Can’t wait to see dark mode on ios 🖤
  • So Intuitive and easy to use!

    By Abdul-Dubai
    I’ve finally found the perfect to-do app! Great job guys, this is just perfect. I’ve been using it for more than a week now and the experience has been seemless.