Star Wars™: Card Trader

Star Wars™: Card Trader

By The Topps Company, Inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-03-11
  • Current Version: 8.5.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 322.77 MB
  • Developer: The Topps Company, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 9,191 Ratings


THIS IS THE STAR WARS™ CONTENT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! • Thousands of packs of officially licensed digital cards from Star Wars™, The Empire Strikes Back™, Return of the Jedi™, The Phantom Menace™, Attack of the Clones™, Revenge of the Sith™, Star Wars: The Clone Wars™, Star Wars Rebels™, Star Wars: The Force Awakens™, Star Wars: Rogue One™ and Star Wars: The Last Jedi™! • Hundreds of Star Wars movie series characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, plus droids, vehicles and locations to complement hundreds of unique art styles! • Collect or trade your favorite movie characters! There are bounty hunters like Boba Fett, brave droids like BB-8, valiant Galactic Republic knights like Jedi Master Yoda or evil Galactic Empire forces like Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader… FRESH AND ENGAGING CONTENT! • New cards every day: Literally, 365 days per year, you can get new digital Star Wars™ cards. • Dynamic consumer products: New series, artwork, and editions of cards appear multiple times per day in our virtual hobby shop. JOIN A PASSIONATE COMMUNITY! • Talk, trade, be one with the community: Topps has the best community of Star Wars™ card collectors in the world. Chat with app users in the fan feed and propose trades with up to 18 cards. *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. * ----- MORE INFO Stay tuned with the Star Wars: Card Trader card releases. - Follow @ToppsSWCT on Twitter - Follow @ToppsDigital on Facebook - Follow @ToppsDigitalOfficial on Instagram -



  • SWCT

    By branden_now
    I love this app! The locked cards that are not mine are stuck in my inventory. Also a suggestion, how about the number 1 on cards that there only one copy of! Thanks again Topps for a great app
  • App sells personal info

    By CannaChris
    Ever since I started using this app I began getting spam calls and emails. Took me a few months to figure out what app was doing it and yeah... Topps should be ashamed. Not only that but they added crystals as a way to purchase cards and now they are pretty much the only way to get gold cards and the crystals of course cost real money. So now it’s a data mining app that is actually pay to play. SMH this is the type of disgusting behavior Global Corporations like Topps operate in.
  • Awesome

    By Flash-78
    This app is awesome! Love getting rare cards. They keep asking me to review the app even though I already did!
  • Just ok

    It’s a great concept but it’s just too expensive for virtual reality cards .... honestly Star Wars makes so much money and they wanna charge such stupid prices for VR cards .... I think I’m deleting the app
  • Coins vs diamonds

    By jrc65
    You have moved away from the game being fun, collecting coins. Instead you have become greedy with diamonds (paying for) and offering up less packs to use daily coins. Please rethink the future of the game. Thank you
  • Meh

    By jenny@home
    Wish there were more premium options that didn’t require buying crystals
  • Shoes

    By Jroct2344
    Always have more shoe than you think you need.
  • Getting better

    But still too many cards to chase 20 variants of the same card tends to get tedious. There are so many choices very confusing. They finally cleaned up the store area I can at least find what I want now which is not very much. The new free card button really gives new players a chance to accumulate cards fast and is a nice feature. Would still like to see a physical card option because I’m not spending 100$ on something I cAnt touch I have a great rey sig card but who cares I can’t get it.
  • Buying Crystals has got to go

    By GothamK ight
    I Love this App and it reminds my of going to the store and buying these cards !! So that part is fun to find card my Mom threw away Haven’t figured The the trading part But this means I get No Good cards with out Crystals Shame on Topps Star Wars hasn’t made enough money ?? Make it Fun Let’s earn Crystals!!!
  • Don’t force ratings, may dislike the answer

    By Nurse Igor
    TL;DR - Topps is forcing a 👍/👎 askbox that blocks you from using the app until answered or closed. I’ve closed the app each time because users shouldn’t be forced to rate an app that over two years has become majority pay-to-play when other apps do this better with less need to pay. Well, here’s your rating: ~***~***~***~ There’s plenty I could complain about after using this app since Dec ‘15 - the card design quality, photo choices, the fact when sending a card via text it stopped properly centering the card, the doubling of credit currency cost for “free” cards, the high cost/p2p aspect once crystal currency was added, the never ending “variants” that are usually paywalled, fans choice becoming paywalled, data collection shadiness, the slowed load times, the changed trading feature where I have to chose a card first before I try to decide what to goes on. But last week between 10 seconds to two minutes of opening the app a big box slides in asking “do you like the app 👍👎” and you are either forced to pick one or close the app and reopen if you want to continue using it. I’ve closed the app every time because I shouldn’t be forced to answer a rating question to continue to use an app; usually apps at least provide a “later” choice. This happened multiple times in a row after close/opening, while I was opening packs (meaning I couldn’t see what cards I got), while I was trying to read the trade feed, even when I went into SETTINGS. Ridiculous. I get Topps is here to make money. The hourly free pack claims are appreciated but users are shut out of most chase cards (these will never appear in free packs). Pre-crystals the only exclusives were few and came with the purchase of credits. Now the “best” cards are money only with the few that are still available with credits have a very high ratio - in one case 1:100 for “tier C” inserts (in reality 1:10 when you adjust credit cost but all the junk are bottom tier cards whereas you get better chances in the pricier packs). This is a lot of words to complain about a free app, but after playing for over two years and seeing the changes there was a lot to critique. Especially when compared to another collection app I play: Love Nikki. Same model of free items with pay to play aspects, but while there are high-cost exclusives, there are a lot more freebies to non-paying users. It is totally possible to not spend a dime in that app and still acquire rare/exclusive items and you are *given* diamonds (equal to crystals) daily for playing. There’s much more incentive to return. If Topps could achieve the same balance in their apps they would have more users and maybe more sales.