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  • Release Date: 2015-07-16
  • Current Version: 4.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 128.54 MB
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
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Connect Ki Spheres and unleash your power! KAMEHAMEHA! The ultimate Dragon Ball Z battle experience is here! ◎Simple and intuitive DOKKAN action!◎ Just tap the ""Ki Spheres"" on the battle screen and send your enemies flying with overwhelming Super Attacks! ◎Make your own Dragon Ball dream team!◎ Train your favorite characters and Awaken them to new realms of power! Organize your team by Categories and Types and assemble the ultimate fighting force! ◎The world of Dragon Ball is your battlefield!◎ The timeline has been thrown into chaos, bringing you face-to-face with characters from across the ages... But you're not in this alone! Trunks, hero from the future, will fight by your side! Explore the board game-style map and enjoy an all-new story with your favorite characters! ◎The world of Dragon Ball is yours to explore!◎ Relive the anime action in Story Events! Face off against tough enemies in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await! Get pumped--there's no stop to the action in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: http://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/ By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms Privacy Policy: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more details. [Note About “Family Sharing”] This application currently does not support the “Ask to Buy” feature included with Family Sharing. As a result, using this feature to make an in-app purchase on a device with Family Sharing enabled may result in an error. We ask that you do not use the “Ask to Buy” feature when purchasing items until we have updated our application to support this feature. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder. Powered by ""CRIWARE"". CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.



  • Dokkan battle

    By litpenguin
    So there is little bug where I hold a picture of a character like PHY ginyu it just shows 7 dragon balls and the letter z and this happens when I try to look at the what the character would look like dokkan awakened please fix problem
  • Awesome game but I have one problem ………

    By jeremiah taala
    The only reason why I rated this game a four star was because the team cost. Like even though you are on a high level, like let’s say over 100 and less than 140, your team cost is to low to fill your team up with all 58 cost units
  • Great until...

    By spacecray
    Well NEARLY everything is good I would honestly recommend getting it but the problem starts at the first thing your shown the gameplay. I love the gameplay but the fact is that the board is to random and if you get a frickin near full board of intelligence/ purple orbs then your screwed. Because lets be real if your running a full team of anything or and the game is so luck based whole SBR runs are ruined because of a bad board characters and the second part is that if your a noob coming into the game for the first time and you see the RECOMMENDED tab then you will see trunks from future saga and the goku. The problem is that they label trunks as “intermediate ” and goku “beginner”, first getting future trunks is easy but the problem lies in trying to Dokkan awaken him the 7th level on Z-hard is stupid goku black and zamasu hit like spirit bombs and they tank like they have plot armor. I have a team of 5 UR characters and 1 SSR 1 of those URs is SSGSS vegito. Which is OP. But the problem is the medal drop rates I have dumped countless energy, senzu beans, and DRAGON STONES to try and get them but all I have gotten after getting whooped by fused zamasu is ONE out of the FIFETEEn MEDALS those drop rates on bull keep in mind that’s Z- hard difficulty which has the highest drop rates for the medals. The goku recommendation character is just one problem not much, except that IT IS IMPOSSIBLY HARD you can’t even use any UR characters. All of the problems I just stated are the problems of the EVENTS. But the story is ok I guess. There’s not much to keep you going except getting dragon stone which is the only reason to do it. and running out of energy is a problem I’m rank 52 and when I try to do story I can only do 1 or 2 before having to go back to the hero’s of justice event to grind exp. but overall if they can fix medal drop rates and how much characters face tank along with energy consumption then it can be a great game. BUT before they do that please fix the summons it is utterly ridiculous how I dump 10-20 dragon stones and don’t even get a good or cool character, it’s enraging. Also how do you get a SSR force summon ticket I’ve been trying to find a way to get one but I don’t know how to get one my tag in the game is Kagura. Overall the game is great and can lead to some good times with friends. Also CAN I STOP GETTING RARES FROM 5 DRAGON STONE SUMMONS. Updated um I think the new summon is a step in the right direction for summons but I have a problem with Dokkan awakening about 32 of my characters need 77 awaken medals 77! The mission have impossibly hard wave that can 1 shot entire teams and you only get abou 3 per that about 22 runs assuming I somehow win all of them taking into account the 15-20 stamina use that’s over 400 stamina assuming I win alll the 22 time and since I’m a FTP I can’t spend the scarce dragon stones I get considering the distribution I get about 1 per day on log in that’s stupid the thing is it’s “ spend stone or you don’t get any thing back not even the 20 stamina that you just used I don’t want to waste stones just to try and beat a level that’s stupid.
  • We Need A Trade System

    By kvng Chasé
    I have been playing dokkan for about 2 years now and I think it would be amazing if a trade system is added where one character can be traded with another or be bought with dragon stones! Thanks!-Chase
  • Amazing

    By Roys my boy
    This game is straight up amazing. The art is cool and it’s fun to collect cards to build teams. Though I don’t think this game is for people who want to play casual. You’ll probably have to spend a couple days grinding up your best cards to better your team. It’s worth it though. There are so many characters and team combos to try out it’s crazy.
  • more content

    By naiki_naiki
    been playing for a couple years now. its fun but it got boring shortly after i finished all the quests. events are nice but not necessarily compelling
  • It’s meh.

    By g0ku r0s3
    It’s ok for dragon ball fans but has major issues. The prices are to high for dragon stones. The STA mechanic is there for no reason except to take away dragon stones. Combat consists of lining up orbs. You never have access to the recourses you need IE awakening medals. You will literally have to constantly reinstall and uninstall over and over again due to updates. Overall it’s a good game but it’s issues are very apparent.
  • Add Trade

    By firemaster30071
    For some reason I’m not getting all my dragon stones it says 3 but I’m getting 2 instead
  • I want an LR Veku

    By MriDubbbz
    You will get a 5-star review when you add a LR Veku, over all better than Legends :3
  • I don’t know

    By homngerkillag
    I want trading because if there is a card I want and another person wants mine and I want his or her we can just trade