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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-03-13
  • Current Version: 4.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.03 MB
  • Developer: AppBC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3.5 or later.
Score: 3.5
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studiomux streams Audio, Midi and OSC via the simple USB cable and completely integrates iOS into your music production environment. Use your music apps just like you would use any other plug-ins. Use Midi controllers connected to your Mac or PC to control apps running on iOS. Or send OSC messages to compatible software. All via the standard USB cable, reliably at a low latency. Sync your musical Apps on multiple iOS devices with the gorgeous new sync tool Ableton Link. Audio: - stream audio from your iDevices to your Mac or Windows PC. - VST & AU support make it extremely easy to integrate iOS apps directly into your DAW. - stream from/to and between multiple devices at once, while using up to 8 seperate stereo channels per device. - IAA, AU v3 & Audiobus integration ensures immediate compatibility with countless iOS music Apps. - IAA & AU v3 & AB Mixer with controls for Volume, Mute & Monitor. - Send channels to easily route apps & effects. - Apps that allow IAA Midi Note-input can be used without any other Midi-setup - exactly like any other instrument VST. - sync IAA Apps via Ableton link, internal or external clock Midi: - control iOS apps with hardware controllers that are connected to your Mac/Pc. - sequence and play iOS apps using a DAW running on your Mac/Pc. - control Mac applications or hardware connected to it, using Lemur, TouchOSC or any other app that uses MIDI. - use iOS apps to play and sequence hardware instruments that are connected to your Mac/Pc. - create virtual MIDI ports on the iPad/iPhone that can be mirrored to the Mac/Pc or other iDevices. - connect several iOS devices to the Mac/Pc - and send MIDI data between them. OSC: - control OSC capable Software on Mac/Pc with one of many available OSC apps. - send OSC data between iDevices and Mac/Pc - forward as many ports as you need, and treat iOS apps as if they would run directly on the same system. other Requirements: iOS 8 and up OSX 10.8 and up Windows 7 (requires iTunes) and up studiomux needs a small helper app installed on the Mac or PC - please download it from our webpage: please have a look at our integration guide visit us on facebook



  • Excellent

    By articcircle888
    I’ve been using Studiomux for several years and it’s great. Along with AudioBus I’m able to digitally transfer 8 stereo tracks of some of the great synths only avail on iOS to Digital Performer without trouble. I found the setup a little unintuitive but that might be an unfair criticism, because once you spend just a little time with it you’ll get it, plus you can save sessions for later. If you want to transfer the audio of your favorite synths and other sound producing devices to your favorite desktop DAW, this is your app. The developer is responsive and sent me a beta server app when I upgrade macOS. IMO, if you use iOS with macOS based music making apps, you’re going to need this.
  • Now au’s don’t receive midi

    By Strizbiz
    Ok, so now it doesn’t crash, but it also doest receive midi from my controller when using it with Logic anymore if I use an iOS audio unit instrument..... works with iaa instrumentals, but not Audio units. I hate to say it, but this is one of the few apps I really regret buying, all it has done is kill all my creativity and inspiration and has never been anything but trouble, I’m just going to move on from this app and avoid any future apps from the developer.
  • So... I wouldn’t depend on it

    By vitocorleone123
    It’s a good thing I do more music on the phone rather than using it in conjunction with my PC, because this app never quite seems to be reliable. Now there have been updates and it seems a bit more stable and doesn’t ask for Audiobus 2, etc. but my latest issue when i tried it minutes ago is that the audio on the PC sounds like it’s underwater (sounds fine coming out of iPhone speaker). I reinstalled everything on the iPhone and PC, restarted both, reconnected both, and even tried studiomux in two different DAWs. No joy. Still wavering warbling garbage. I think I’d get a hardware solution if I needed reliability.
  • Not a huge deal but

    By Les Rhoda
    Just a heads up, the app still disappears when init/load set, have to double click home button to find and bring it back topside
  • The good and the bad

    By Dddduncan
    Using with Studio One... Audio works great, at least from iOS to PC... haven't tried the other way yet. Midi is an absolute nightmare... the documentation is awful. They really don't explain it at all. I've kind of gotten it to work, but every time I get one aspect figured out, another stops working. Get studio one receiving midi notes from an iOS sequencer? Check... except now there's no midi sync for some reason. These guys make really ambitious apps, which would be some of the best on iOS if they worked right. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but since they provide horrible documentation, I'm forced to play it by ear. Tldr; audio was surprisingly easy to set up and works great. If you want to get midi between iPad and PC, there's probably a much better way to do it than this.
  • Blocs Wave will not start

    By Imispgh
    Tried several times
  • Success with Reason 9.5

    By Damien Margo
    Now that Reason has VST I gave this a try and it worked well after a little practice. Sync tests worked, and Reason can capture this audio in real time if you tap the REC SOURCE button on the mixer channel. Then create a new audio track and use the pull down menu to choose Studiomux as the input.
  • Good

    By Pad addict
    To the reviewer who stated he kept getting audio bus software not installed: you need to click on the add plug-in button at the top of the screen. I had the same issue until I figured it out. I am going to rate this app four stars even though it keeps crashing on me. I have two synth apps installed on my iPad. Ripplemaker and Animoog. Ripplemaker is way more stable than Animoog which crashes the Studiomux app very often. Studiomux is the app that I've been waiting for. It's awesome to be able to interface your iPad with your DAW with no additional hardware needed. I think that once they get all the bugs ironed out, this is going to be a great piece of software. I'm looking forward to future updates.
  • Great app!

    By _AGNDA_
    For whatever reason the app seems to only recognize if Audiobus 2 is installed. When I click the AB button it says, "Audiobus is not installed. Please get it on the App Store." Can you guys please fix this? Overall, great app. Love it and definitely recommend.
  • Terrible, clunky with no informational support

    By Markdriv
    I've gotten this app to work ONCE for me. The "manual" they supply is horrible and it's completely devoid of any information about the basic midi out port functions. All I needed was a slick app that gave my Pro Tools rig a few pads and keyboard keys. Do Not Buy. They don't support an industry standard.