Sono X10 Spirit Box PRO

Sono X10 Spirit Box PRO

By Janus Pedersen

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-05-03
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 33.93 MB
  • Developer: Janus Pedersen
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 21 Ratings


Sono X10 Spirit Ghost Box PRO is the ultimate tool for both amateurs and professional paranormal investigators. This PRO version is packed with some of the most requested features in the paranormal community. We have created a Ghost Box and a Spirit Voice Box combined in one single ghost hunting tool. Control the sweeping speed, from 100 ms to 300 ms with the new "low sweep" feature. You can scan random build-in generated frequencies FM and AM or choose to use our new word engine feature, that allows you to activate the build in word database. Sono X10 Spirit Box PRO is the professional version of our popular ghost spirit box! # PRO version includes new features! # Extra Sound bank # FM/AM sweep # Word database, Low sweep # NO ADS # Free updates # Compress Signal (static signal will be compressed, to allow for more clear voices) Our ghost hunting apps are trusted and used by thousands of Paranormal researchers and Ghost hunters around the world from professional to amateur. Sono X10 PRO was designed to be user friendly, but also to give the user some of the best results by using state of the art software engineering and features found nowhere else.



  • Nope

    By RoyalJordan7
    Poor sweep rates, fm picks up too many identical sounds as am, and just some filters, but I really wanted it too work and hope they upgrade this like banshee or something. (Used an external speaker too)
  • Really works!

    By thedaveman000
    Got real answers to questions in a season. Amazing to say the least.
  • $2.99 gone...

    By S. Calhoun
    Pro version was no better than free version...glad I paid $2.99 to find out first hand. So much commercial radio interference you cannot decipher any intelligible words through the supersonic sweeping of frequencies. I would love to see (hear rather) just one...just one shred of evidence that this has worked for anyone. If there is any merit behind this product, surely one person has somehow captured something compelling. I’ll change or remove review upon refund.
  • Fake

    By GBello
    This app is a pre recorded transmission either fm or am it’s the same. When u hold down and try to bring up app switcher where you can see multiple apps opened if you play around with it you can tune into specific moments as you hold while it’s scanning. Then you hear same repeated things. Doesn’t even capture fm or am. It’s the same recording on both. What a crock. Wish I can get my money back.
  • I reached

    By Ibza
    I found this tool amazing. I reached what I was looking for. I have several spirit boxes, each one I use differently. There are no coincidences. Thank you for making devices like this. If you live in a dark world of fear, then that is what you shall see and attract. If you live in the light then same. None of these are wrong or right. We all need balance. Awareness is key along with deep love inside yourself. This is strength. Love and light.
  • Does not work

    By mprx60
    Even the volume control is silent at 100 and sound only is audible at 20. I have used spirit boxes before. I always got some results. This app seems to be programmed to sound like a sport box. Does not work
  • Horrible

    By Monkey Girl 67
    I bought this upgrade because its suppose to have a word data base n nope it dsnt ive tried e-mailin the developer n it says thts no such site i'd either like u 2 refund my money or fix ur app so the data base wrks bcuz it dsnt!!!!!
  • Could not sleep

    By Holy shishcabob
    I know for a fact this works. I was going on a ghost tour and we were walking through a Quaker grave yard.(early American settlers). And I heard German. I then found out later that night that hessians from the revolutionary war are buried in that same grave yard. I next heard the words "wet , battered" and it was near the house where a husband drowned and beat his wife. I next heard the word "hill". And what did you know the very ground I was standing on was a mass grave and a 10 foot hill... No doubt this works
  • I agree, Needs Work

    By Cedar Park Tx
    First off folks this is for entertainment purposes so keep that in mind. There are several spirit boxes out there that give compelling evidence that the concept works, and I think this app is trying to imitate those devices. Therefore you don't see words appear because you don't see them on a real spirit box. Other apps have confused the concept by adding words. But real boxes scan the am/fm airwaves which gives the spirits a brief window to speak a word or two in the static between channels. Your iPhone/iPod does NOT have an am/fm tuner nor does it have an am/fm antenna. You would need to buy one and plug it into the power jack or earphone jack. So then what is this app doing? It is simulating the scan I think. If you change the switch from fm to am the displayed frequency stays the same on fm, such as '97.1' instead of '1350'. So the switch is useless. By the way, FM or Frequency Modulation static sounds differently than AM or Amplitude Modulation static, but not with this app. If it were connecting back to a server that was performing the scan that would be different. I have recorded the static over time and it sounds repeated to me. Still, spirits can come through on a recorder with no static so maybe it can happen here. There are no instructions with the pro version and the instructions on the free version are impossibly small so I can't read them. Use this for your own entertainment. Your mileage may vary.
  • Needs work

    By Andrea and king Pablo
    first off there is no instuctions on how this works? And second of all you should have the words written when there is a presents